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    I've always had foreskin issues, since I found out what it was and that nobody else I knew had one. One day I was up in front of the class in grade 6 and a girl walked up behind me and 'pantsed' me in front of the whole class. Everyone pointed and laughed at me all through grade school and eventually word spread about it in high school. If I did get a girlfriend it wasn't long before she found out and dumped me before ever seeing it. I eventually had to come up with a reason to leave the area and find a new school where I didn't know anyone. Even then I was very weary to become intimate with my girlfriends. After grade 12 I worked in a bar with a lot of beautiful women and the topic somehow always got brought up, almost daily. They all talked about how gross it is and how disgusting it looked and felt. So I lied when they asked if I was cut or not. Regardless of how nice they were all the other times we talked I kept thinking in the back of my mind "There is no way I will ever try to be with you" and that mentality has followed me around my entire life. The way people speak of it is extremely depressing and has me down and blue almost all of the time. I've had a few good girlfriends who claim that it doesn't matter to them but they slowly stop going down on me and have little to no sexual interest after about 6 months of dating. I have found out that I also have a raging sex drive and a little bit more kinky than a professional porn star. Yet the social view points of having an inch of skin removed or not from a mans penis seems to be a pretty one sided topic. Here in Canada it's $1000 to have it surgically removed and about 3 weeks of intense pain. Not to mention the costly anti-boner pills you have to take as well. All of this negative emotion and subject matter has bled into other aspects of my life and caused a psychological diagnosis of Severe Depression. I love sex and everything about it but I have a huge fear of either settling with no sex or no girlfriend.

    Sometimes I think about how much of a whiny little bitch I would sound like if I ever tried to have this conversation with someone in person. I don't want to be a whiny little bitch so I just keep it all inside.

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