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    what are the best positions for guys with small dicks?

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    dont get me wrong i DO want to lol
    but yea i have always said that secrets ALWAYS end up coming out.
    also she tells me that she wont get "attached" which i have a hard time believing that
    i was suppose to talk to her today but i didnt....supposedly friday nite we where gunna "meet" but im gunna be busy the whole weekend

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    22 year old male VIRGIN
    i have a very good friend that we have been friends for like prob good 10 years or more. he has a sister that is now 19. about 2 months ago she started askin to go see movies together cuz she had no one else to go with. i agreed and we went and saw a few movies at the theatre over the 2 months or so. i think it was the last time we saw a movie, on the way home she started tellin me she had always had a crush on me. i kinda guessed it, cuz she was always flirty with me. i dont feel the same way about her. i mean shes pretty and all, but....shes just not my type. so i told her i didnt feel the same about her. and that i cared about her and didnt wanna hurt her. also i like kinda just saw her as my friends little sister.
    so that stayed like that. she still called and we talked as nothin had happend. last week she called me asked to install some speakers in her car. so i finally get around and go to her house to install them. while im working she starts tellin me about how she only had 2 sex partners, and hasnt had sex in 4 months. sayin stuff like shes only 19 with no sexual experience.
    i tell her that thats good, and she should be proud of herself...well she keeps on goin....i guess hinting that shes offering. i ignored her. then her brother gets home and thats that.
    this thursday she asked if she could come over and use me PC to make a resume. i said sure come over after 8 when i get home from school. she calls around 10 and asks if i could go pick her up cuz her dad to her car. i do. we go to my room and she does her resume. all this time im in my bed watching TV. the she says im cold and jumps in the bed with me. we both watch TV and then she starts to tickle me. we start fooling/playin around. this gets me an erection cuz shes throwin her breasts in my face. then she pins me down and is on top of me. she starts pinching my i say what the hell and do it to her. then later i pin her down and start playin with her breasts. then she pins me down and asks i dont know what....but then we start kissing...that leads to making out.....then she starts to unbutton my pants and i stop her. cuz i know once she starts playin with that i wont be able to hold back. i tell her that im sorry, but i cant go all the way. that its fuked up to her brother. if we were goin out then it would be different. that i know this we come out later. and i dont think he would be too happy. i would feel the same way if it happend to my sister.
    at the moment im thinkin how fuked up that is knowing hoe horny she has been also thinking that my dick got the best of me. i shouldnt have gone this far to begin with. </font color>
    she just keeps tellin me if im serious. she puts her shirt on and says if nothing is goin to happend to just take her home. i do.
    the next day i really regreted it. if u know what im mean lol </font color>
    this week she calls and asks if i can go see her car cuz its leaking alot of water. i do....i check it out and the radiator is leakin. i leave and right when i get home she calls and starts askin about the other night again. that she a big girl and that her brother wont care. we talk for good while about why YES and why NO. by the end of the conversation she has almost convinced me. she tells me ill wear a condom, she'll go on the birth control, that no one will ever know, it will stay strictly between me and her. i told her i would give her an answer tomarrow.
    the next day she keeps text messaging my phone askin for the answer. i decide that if she goes by the rules that she said i will go through with it. she calls and i tell her i dunnno. i was really busy at the time and was tellin her i would call her back, but she wanted an answer NOW. i told her yes but that i would call her back.
    so right now she called and ask how is friday? i notice someone in the background talkin...meaning that she wasnt alone....and that one of her friends knew about the "situation". tell her yea fine friday....
    so now im not too sure....if i think her friend knows about it. what do u all adive to do?????????????????/

    also as mentioned im still a virgin. but for some reason she thinks i have been whith lots of girls. (i guess its becuase his brother has and im always with him.) i tried tellin her that im a virgin but she doesnt believe me. i told her i have a small dick and that ill nut in 3 seconds. (which i prob will ) she says that she doesnt care.



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