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    I have a serious concern that is freaking me out. So, 4 days ago my girlfriend and I had sex for the first time in like two months because she moved away and got a job so when I visit it's hit or miss if we have time for sex. But, we did this time. She was just freshly waxed two days prior and I shaved as well. We had rough sex, as always, but the third time we went at it, she was dry. It was a bit painful for her since it had been two months as well. Anyways, the same day, 3-4 hours later she gives me a hand job and I notice some discomfort, such as pulling pubic hairs, which wasn't the case cause I shaved. I didn't think much of it. later the night, I felt bumps on my penis which was weird. The morning I woke up and pissed, I noticed them in the light. I have never had this before. She is also complaining on some pain like the sex was too rough and she wasn't wet enough, but she has no markings, just some pain.. The blisters still haven't gone away for me. I don't have any fevers or sickness, discharge, or pain, just these blisters. Im scared to think it is herpes but also have seen people call it friction burns. I am not sure. I tested negative a year ago, and this all came within a couple hours after dry rough sex, but anything have experience? I have included pictures.

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