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    I am not sure that I realized what was happening when it did. I spent the better part of 2 full years, drunk. Yes. Everyday, all day sometimes. No work, nothing getting done, except drinking... I am trying to clean up, and while I just can't quit cold turkey have weened myself down to less than a 6 pack per day. This is down from 15-20 beers a day. In the past 2 years, I went from 160 lbs to 255 lbs. I lost friends, and have family that doesn't look at me the same. There is a bigger, more permanent side effect that I didn't count on.

    I lost my brain.

    I came back here, and logged in, and checked on some of my previous posts. Some of my earlier posts were very thoughtful, and I honestly could not believe that I wrote them. I can't do it anymore. I just wanted to say this to anyone who thinks that drinking isn't that harmful.

    I probably have liver disease, I know I have brain damage, and I am extremely overweight and out of shape. For anyone who is drinking daily, even if not as heavily I was, please step back and look at what you are doing.

    You could loose more than you bargained for.

    It's not worth it. Find a new addiction, be it chewing bubble gum, sucking on lollipops, reading, or even masterbation. Just don't mess with alcohol.


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    I haven't been on this forum for 2 years. I do recall that the first person to greet me when I got here was HelmsmaN. He was nothing but helpful and friendly and I just was curious where he went. He literally is wiped off the board. Every post he made and all... gone...

    So, can someone let me in on this?


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    Ok, so you are afraid of what wil happen if you do forgive and forget... That's fair...

    Well... How about this...

    Tell them exactlyt what you told me. IOt would save a lot of miscommunication and perhaps everyone's feelings. Tell them you don't trust them anymore. Tell them you are susipicious.

    hey, what is the worst that will happen? They will know your true feelings, you won't be lying to them, and things will either wain, or they will forget you, and things wil be back to normal.
    The truth never hurts worse than livinign a lie.

    Go to it...

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    well... it's not a fair comparison. This feeling is one you can't compare to a feeling with your pants off.

    Oh, trust me, if I could take everyone on a flight in a helicopter, I would. I buzzed my house on Saturday. Wow! I need to clean the rain gutters.

    Aside from that, if given the choice between sex and flying for an hour, I don't know what I'd do. Perhaps combining the activities??? hmmm...

    It's special for me, because I have always wanted to be able to fly. I've daydreamed of beign able to jump from a building and soar. I'm weird for it, i'm sure, but at the same time, I enjoy it so much.

    Gravity holds you in your seat, but at the same time, gravity is "apparently" defied by the machine. How can you compare? I was stupid to try.

    Anyone wanting to trade a "proper lay" for a ride in my rented helicopter, is morethan welcomed. once we are through, we can compare notes, and decide which is truely more thrilling!

    Oh, and Monty Python is great words of wisdom for sure!

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    think about that.

    Don't hold grudges.

    Why is it that you can't forgive and forget? True, you can't forget. I know I can't forget. I can't forget stupid things, like what I ate for breakfast on feburary 23rd, 1997. I can't forget a person who owes me money, just the same, I can't forget a person I owe money to.

    Why can't you forgive? Why try to forget them? Was the one bad thing they did worse than all the good memories you had with them?

    Sure, I am a wet blanket and I am old, but you won't forget what I say. Why? because you are a good person, and a good person doesn't forget. They remember and cherrish, and they want to forget. Perhaps this person doesn't want to bring up the bad because they are afraid of getting into another fight, or they don't know how to apologize. apologize, be thankful you know that person, and ask them why they can't do the same. If you are religious, tell them of the teachings of Jesus, and tell them how he forgave, and asked all people to repent their sins. Ask of this person nothing, but give all to them. for this is the only way to be true to the teaching's of Christ, and at the same time, live by His word.

    This will make you a better person throughout life. When you read this from the bible, you won't recognize it sometimes, but this is a good example of "turning the other cheek."

    Turn the other cheek, and be thankful this person is in yoru life, through good and bad. There will not be another person that can take their place. For every person is a gift. Gifts should not be forsaken.

    I know you'll do the right thing, you are intelligent, and reverent. Those qualities are a part of you, and who you are. Talking to this person is the only way. feelings get hurt on both sides, so be understanding, and give your love to all, regardless of how they act.

    I'm proud of you. If only I were as intelligent as you, at your age.

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    Talk to her.


    IF you talk to her, you'll know what I mean.

    Sure, I was with you before I met her, but now, I see this innocence. She really is innocent, and it's not an act. It's wierd. Seriously.

    It's like this...

    Say "penis" out loud in a group of people. See who "oohs and ahhs," see who shrugs it off, see whose face turns red and cover's their mouth, and see who thinks you are a kook.

    If you see one that turns reds and acts bashful, well... That is Lindsey. Seriously, everything else you see on TV or where-ever is just an act. She really is bashful.

    To me, that is sexy (in a fetish sort of way). I actually do prefer girls who don't mind "whipping it out," when I am with them. But, to get me excited, being shy and easily embarassed does the trick every time, it just happens to be a SUCH A TEASE, that I could never be with someone like that, because it would lead to either, sexual frustration, or sexual deviance, with the least being masturbation and the worst being indescribable in public. think about it...

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    Angel! Do IT!!!! You saint!

    Get up there! You'll love it. It's way better than a broom stick! Trust me... If for anything, the vibrations from the rotating parts will get you excited. I doubt you will even get that far into the flight to realise, because the shear thrill of beign up off the ground, and controlling the movements will be 100 times better than the vibrations in the seat (if you knw what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge)

    Good on you for throwing him out. He didn't deserve someone who would give him the gift of flight and still treat you poorly. IF any woman were to give me helicopter lessons, they would receive all the oral sex they could ever want,and I would even do all the house work on top of the obvious sexual favors! HAHA just kidding. I'd give all the oral sex they wanted without hte helicopter flying. It's the housework that would be the true miracle!

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    You are a saint!

    He better not have been the one to break it off! If so, he is a PIG DOG. I'm sure sex with you wouldn't compare to a helicopter flight, but damn! He was not worthy.

    Have you flown yet? Do it!!!! You will feel superior to all creation. Well, maybe not that good, but you'll get a (female) stiffy and feel SO alive!!

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    Some of us guys take offense. Not all guys are all about "gettin some." Yes, we would notice, but...

    guys are liek this:

    guys like toys.

    big clits are toys...
    What do we do? We are inclined to play wiht toys, and yeah, we would notice, but we would want to play with it. If this is a good thing, then YAY for you with big clits. If you don't like it when guys play with it, then let us know. Otherwise, we will play with it, and be happy as hell to get the opportunity, especially if the young lady enojys having it played with.

    That's how it goes. Not to single you out, I diddn't mean it that way, but you came across as stereotypical, and that is no the REAL stereotypical case. The real stereotypical case is, WE WANT TO PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS!

    Yep, if you pull your panties down, and we see it, it is a toy, and we want to play with it. we will mess around unless you say it hurts, or is uncomfortable. We will obsess about it, and kiss and lick it until we go blue in the face. We like female "parts." We like to touch and fondle and caress, and lick and kiss, and probe, and pet anything we don't have.

    Thus is the nature of man.

    lick lick

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    I just took controls of a Bell 500E! OH MY!!!! I felt a little depressed for the past couple years, but after tonight, NO MORE!!! TAKE A HELICOPTER LESSON!!!! DAMN! Let me tell you... Nothign makes you feel more alive than taking controls of a helicopter. For $240, you get controls of a helicopter for a full hour. IF you can stand that much control, you are ahead of the game. I am sure their are instructors in your area. I found mine through a friend, but he was in the yellow pages, regardless. SPEND THE MONEY!

    Trust me, this will be the best thing you have ever doen for yourself. I have been flying R/c helicopters for 4 months prior, but it doesn't matter. Once you get airborne, the feeling is liek no other, and it IS better than sex. It is like a roller coaster, and a REAL LIFE thrill ride. You can't compare. Seriously. Do it. If you spend $300 on drugs, or whores, or entertainment, JUST TAEK ONE LESSON. It is UNREAL!!!

    I am so happy. If you do it, you will be too. It's like driving a car, BUT 1000 feet above the ground. People look like ants, and YOU are in control.

    Try it. You won't be sorry, in fact, you'll masterbate to the thought(well maybe not, but it wil scar you for life in the BEST way)

    Just braggin... yet ENCOURAGING YOU to do it... DO IT!!!

    YAY!!! (who would have thought they would let anyone off the street fly a helicopter?)


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