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    well sometimes its a lightish pink in the toilet, and sometimes it is when she wipes

    however, she isn't experiencing any burning or pain aside from cramps which occur after sex

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    My girlfriends last period was the last week of August(28th-31st);

    Anyways, about 3 days ago we had sex and it was a little rougher than usual. After we have sex, she always goes to the bathroom right away and there was a little "pinkish" hue to her pee. Thinking nothing of it, we just assumed it was from the sex.

    However, yesterday, she went to pee, and it again, out of nowhere, had that light blood in it.

    Why would she still be bleeding, even a little bit, from sex a few days prior?

    She also tends to experience cramps as well, but usually only after she orgasms or we have long sex.

    She is on the pill by the way. However she is also on Amoxxicillin and I guess that is where the paranoia is coming from.

    The question, I guess, is

    Why / How is she still bleeding 3 days after sex, even if it is only very little

    She couldn't be showing signs of pregnancy so soon could she?

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    well her period was right on time last week actually...this happened yesterday.

    Her next period isn't due until April 10th-ish, and I guess I am just looking for reassurance

    Condom failed
    She's on birth control
    Took Morning after pill anyways

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    Well yesterday my girlfriend and I were having sex and the condom slipped off and I'm very certain at least some semen got into her...

    This is my first incident with a condom slipping off or basically not working :frowning:


    My girlfriend is on birth control (Gianvi, used to be Yaz but they stopped giving her Yaz and give her Gianvi now)

    However, my girlfriend was very paranoid so she decided to get Plan B. She took it within 1 hour of sex, and then took the second pill (it was the second chance two step plan B)12 hours later.

    My girlfriend rarely misses her regular birth control, maybe once or twice a month at most, and she hasn't missed a pill in at least two weeks for sure. When she does miss a pill, she doubles up two pills for a day(what her doctor told her to do). She hasn't had to do that for awhile though.

    Anyways, her period was last week from the 13th through the 16th.

    I realize it is probably silly to worry because whats done is done, and that there is always a chance of pregnancy no matter what..but it doesn't seem too likely right? Birth control should prevent there from even being an egg to fertilize...and even if there was Plan B was taken within one hour so it literally was like a backup plan. Along with this, not a lot of semen probably actually made it all the way into her because the condom only slipped off.

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    My girlfriend and I had protected sex the other day twice (morning and night), we used a condom and she is also on birth control. About two hours after our second time having sex she started to complain about a sharp pain in her right side. A little later she began to complain about just an overall tight feeling in her stomach. The next day we realize she has been constipated, and still is right now.

    Is it normal to get constipated after sex? We were somewhat rough.

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    Well my girlfriend and I actually had a discussion the other night about if she should sleep with underwear on even. She typically wears sweats or shorts with a pair of underwear at night.

    If she was overly sensitive to touch wouldn't fingering or anything similar irritate it? Before we ever had sex we fooled around a lot like that and she never complained of pain except for once when I got my fingers in a little too deep.

    Along with this she usually always wears jeans out in public. I don't think it is as extreme as your case, but it is definitely a possibility I guess.

    As far as the latex allergy goes, I will look into trying non-latex condoms.

    She said this morning that she felt a little better, but I can imagine that means she is still sore. I'm still hoping it just is due to the change in sexual activity and will improve over time.

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    My girlfriend and I recently started having sex. We're both 21 years old, and prior to this she had only had sex once in her life. Her first time happened well over a year ago, and resulted in her getting a UTI.

    Currently, she has pills she has to take after having sex that help prevent UTIs, however, that is not the problem. The problem is, we had sex 4 times in ~24 hours, and it was after each time that she realized that she was very sore.

    She said that the sex was great while it was happening, but once it was over, it was very very sore. Along with this, it sometimes hurts for her to pee and was somewhat itchy. I am assuming the hurting to pee has to deal with the urethral opening being irritated during sex. However, I am curious as to why she is still sore today. If we had sex on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, she is still very sore today (Tuesday). It probably didn't help that we fooled around Monday night (oral/fingering). It was then we also realized she bled a very little bit (just a spot).

    I am just curious as to why she is so sore/itchy and if there is anything I can do to help prevent this in the future and possibly cure it now. We picked up some vagisil to help temporarily relieve the discomfort, but I just wish she wouldn't be sore \:\(

    Personally, My size is a little above average I guess, but it is nothing to write home about. Could she possibly just be sore due to the change in sexual activity for her?

    Could it be due to the condom perhaps? Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated!

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    Alright, without trying to make this too long...I just need some outside thoughts on my current relationship. Anyways, this will probably be really long.

    I've been dating my gf for over a month. We've known each other for about 3 months total, and this whole time has basically been a "relationship", we never started out as friends or anything, it was soley in the intent to turn into a relationship.

    The last long term relationship she had ended with her then bf attacking her. This shocked her obviously, especially since she has told me that she thought she was going to marry him and then he randomly snapped. That was about a year ago. Since then she had a rebound relationship that lasted ~1 month, and just another short one over the summer.

    Before we "officially" started dating she told me that she would be ready when she is ready to be "official"...and that day came over a month ago.

    So the problem, or well the area I need advice in, is the fact that she literally will scare herself with thoughts of "us".

    Example one;

    She will tell me she is scared how much she likes me because it means we're getting closer. She is scared because she likes me so much in such a short span of time... Or, that she is scared of getting closer...but wants to get closer.

    Example two;

    She initially was hesitant to let me kiss her (a long time ago when we first met). Now she is scaring herself because of how much she actually wants to kiss me etc. In the end she ends up kissing me, but it bothers her she likes me "that much".

    Example three;

    First, I am not talking about having sex, this is such spending the night. The first time I spent the night at her apartment, she couldn't sleep, citing the last time that she slept with another man, he choked her. Which is obviously true. Anyways, she couldn't sleep at all because she was scared. The next time, she fell asleep on me in a timely manner and was HAPPY but also scared because she has let herself do this.

    Basically it is a pattern. She is scared of the relationship advancing, and it is still continuing to do so. She has also said things to the effect of "I am starting to realize that I may not just really like you, but I may love you."

    She is one of those people who SAYS WHAT THEY MEAN no matter what. If she feels it, she says it. Basically, soon enough she is going to realize that she may love me and she will say it but I am worried just how much it may freak her out and how terrified she will be.

    Just tonight we were watching a movie and she looked at me and said "I can't believe I am saying this...but I really don't want you too leave".

    Now I don't know what this looks like from the outside, but I need opinions. I know it isn't me causing her to be like "I don't want to get close to you or have you stay over etc", but I think I know it is her fear of allowing herself to be able to get hurt again.

    I don't think she is going to just get up and run away because she does care about me, and her rebound relationship had a lot of problems (her best friend has told me all about it) and it has been about 7 months since then.

    While she may not be fully healed, I feel like she is getting better...but it is frustrating for me to be able to continually have to tell her that it is "okay" and that I am not going to hurt her etc.

    To my aide, I also have all of her friends and even her mom typically siding with me when she freaks out about us getting closer or anything, but in the end the decision will be ultimately hers. Her mom even told her straight up to not let me pay for her ex boyfriends mistakes...

    We were just seperated for about a week and a half as she went hom for Thanksgiving and she did tell me that she misses me and wishes she was with me etc...and in another 2 and 1/2 weeks she will be gone for christmas break for a month...but I do plan to see her over break.

    Her big ex bf really screwed up her life a lot because he was such a big factor in her overall life. I know this, and I am being very patient and I really do care for her. However, I just don't know how to continually deal with her freaking out and being terrified about intamicy? She freaks out sometimes and asks me how I deal with it / put up with it (It isn't all that bad, it's like 30 minutes of her being in disbelief that she is allowing herself to get emotionally involved with another person) and she will ask me why I don't just run away...

    I tell her I am not going anywhere(because aside from all the past..she is truly amazing and fun to be around)...

    my bigger concern is she going to go anywhere...and what can I do to continue to help the process. She tells me when I am around I bring her down to earth and calm her down so I am doing something right...but I just feel like I need to be able to do more.

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    also I want to add in

    her biggest fear is that she will lose freedom in a full on relationship...but we already basically are....

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    okay, little update

    We've been seeing each other somewhat regularly, about twice a week each week and just going out and having fun.

    First, she is really scared to get in a relationship. I accept this and can deal with it and wait, but it is just so frustrating. Everyone is literally telling her to "go" with me, but she just won't take the step. I mean her mom is on my side even and I've never met her. Her best friends(who are "rooting for me") keep telling me to stick with it and just wait but it is just sooooo frustrating.

    It seems like we've almost regressed. Bottom line is I really like this girl and I respect her so I am willing to wait...and will. Yet, I just don't know what the hell to do. When we go out I usually end up mingling with her group of friends in general because she is so busy and has a lot to do. We really don't get as much 1 on 1 time as we had when I first met her. Sometimes just being around all her friends can be a pain because you can't get the private time or talks you need. We talk every day still whether it be on the phone or via texting, and it seems like that is the only time we ever talk about us. When we're out we're always too caught up in the moment to talk about anything, but that is good I guess...

    Cliff notes:

    We don't get a lot of 1 on 1 time because we're always with her friends

    She's afraid of a relationship due to fear of being hurt / not loved back

    Her friends all want me to end up with her but subsequently sometimes end up getting in the way but I'm too nice to say anything.

    Thursday we're going out dancing which is fine, and I have no problem going with her friends too. However, Saturday, I am supposed to bring her to a surprise party for her. Her best friend has given me the task of taking her out all Saturday and bringing her back in time for the surprise party.

    I really don't know what I am asking for or looking for from you all, but any advice or tips is nice at this point. It's frustrating because all I want to do is just walk up to her, grab her, and kiss her. Yet I don't want to be forceful. Blahhhhhh

    Saturday may be the first time in a while I get her to myself for an extended period of time and I am not sure what I should do or say or try to get across to her.

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