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    So about a month and a half ago I went to the doctor to have him check out what turned out to be penile yeast infection (as I suspected, after checking out the internet and getting help here). He gave me a tube of fungal cream called Dakacort, which he told me to apply twice daily.

    So I did, and after about 2 weeks or so, the yeast infection seemed to have disappeared. So I stopped using the cream, and the infection came back. Now I've started using it again, twice daily, but now i have a different problem.

    I do exactly what I did before, apply the cream to the affected areas of the penis, twice every day. For a little while it seemed like the infection was retreating again, but now it's coming back, EVEN though I'm using the cream every day. It's almost as if the cream is actually causing it, at this point.

    Any ideas what's going on?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm a 17 year old guy, and I had sex with a girl a few days ago and a day later, I noticed very dry and flaky skin on the head of my penis and tip of the foreskin. Couple days after that, I started to get very minimal itching, but itching none the less (It was minimal enough that I thought it was just normal itchiness). Added to this, I have some white lumpy stuff on the shaft of my penis (underneath the foreskin) that washes off pretty easily but comes back.

    After some research, it seems pretty obvious to me that I have penile yeast infection, but I'm going to my doctor tomorrow to get his opinion on it, just to be sure. I have a few questions, though,that I was hoping someone here could answer.

    1. Is penile yeast infection, or yeast infection for that matter, permanent? Is it something I will have to deal with forever?

    2. Assuming I get prescribed some sort of anti-fungal ointment, how would I go about applying it? Just rubbing it on the affected areas (Which, is basically the head of the penis and the shaft), and then rolling the foreskin over it and putting my pants on? Seems messy.

    3. The itching I get isn't serious enough that I just _have_to scratch, but I do tend to scratch juts to relieve the nuisance. Does it make the infection worse, when you scratch?

    and lastly,

    1. When suffering from yeast infection, or treating it one way or the other, is it safe / unsafe to masturbate?

    Thanks in advance for any answers I may get.


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