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    Female here, mixed race, but I would definitely find black women attractive. I never used to but what changed it is that i started watching a lot of youtube videos with beautiful black women and I realized they were equally if not more beautiful than other women. The media just bogs you down with one type of black woman and makes you feel that they are all the same. Once you realize they are just like other women, some pretty, some not, some easy going, some uptight, you start getting over your internalized racism.

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    No, it does not make you gay.
    Yes, other people will imply it makes you gay.
    Yes, you'll end up liking it and want more.
    Yes, it makes you a prostitute.

    I'm of the mind that sexuality is a spectrum. Some people realize that men or women can get you off and they get OFF on that. They may not be gay, straight, bi whatever. They are just horny.

    I mean, have you heard about guys doing furniture and animals? lol guys will do anything to get off. At least you're fucking a human.

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