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    The title pretty much explains most of it.

    Been together 2 years now. Our relationship was great and everything was fine up until a year ago. One year ago I did pretty much the worst thing a guy could do and hurt her emotionally. I felt guilty and for the last year I have done everything to rebuild her trust in me and make our relationship be the same as before or better.

    The thing is this past year has been really dreadful. Even though we are together and she is still affectionate, she can be very sour at times. I am assuming this is because of what I did, but I have been trying my best for the past year and still I am paying for it.

    Some of the things that have gone wrong in the last year..

    -Cops got called on us because I was angry and yelling cause she locked me out of the house when I was trying to get my things(I wanted to break up)

    -She basically said that my family are not even my real family(Im adopted) and my family found out and they all dislike her.

    -I had to fight off 3 different guys who were trying to get with he. Even though she says she doesn't want to be with anyone else, she would lead them on..

    Has anyone every been in a relationship where your significant other ; says hurtful things to you almost on a daily basis and laughs about it, belittles your family and friends even going far as to talk shit about them, expects you to do everything for them but when you ask for a small favor they don't give a damn.

    I normally would never take any of this BS from any girl. Its because of my past sins that I have spent the last year of my life trying to atone for it. Hoping that maybe one day things will get better. And to a extent somethings have gotten better but not enough.

    I desperately need to do something about this, everyday I feel like I am withering away, becoming bitter and less connected to myself and the people who cared about me.

    If anyone has been through this, and has any similar stories or advice from a different point of view it would be helpful.


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    one more piece of fact she told me that he hits on her..

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    My girlfriend of 1 and 1/2 years and I have been going through rough patches, but are still together.

    Yesterday I found out she made plans with a class mate to see a movie today.
    Basically she said to him "Yada yada and oh you should bring the weed cupcakes for when we see the movie tomorrow and we should eat them before the movie "

    I was unable to keep my cool and immediately after finding out I was like , Im leaving right now.
    She did not understand why I wanted to leave so she was insisting I tell her whats wrong.
    Against my better judgement I told her I found out she made plans with this other guy.
    She goes on and tells me oh it was a joke , i was just playing , I was making plans its not like I went out
    and actually did it. When I tried to tell her that making plans was just as bad and that she had the intention of
    doing it she said is it murder if you just planned it but didnt do it, I didnt think so.

    I know I screwed myself on this one I should have just never said anything and waited untill today in order to text her see if she would lie to me about what she was doing and see if I can catch her in the act of going to the movies with him, but I ruined that now.

    She told me she loves me and there is no other guy and yada yada , I need to trust her. I want to trust her really badly but she is always texting this guy and I just found out about her plans she was making behind my back. How can she love me if she is making plans behind my back and then blowing it off like it was all a joke when I find out and confront her?

    I love this girl so much and I dont know what to do, she has been texting me today and I took her to school this morning cause I spent the night at her house. She said she wants to hang out with me tonight and is apprently going to blow off or raincheck the plans she made with this other guy tonight...

    I have narrowed it down to 2 options cause as of this moment this is giving me severe anxiety and I have not been able to eat cause when I am upset I cant eat .

    Option 1: I chill with her for one last night and then bang her one last time to get her out of my system and make myself feel better that I ended this on my own terms after getting off.

    Option 2: I chill with her tonight, text that guy cause I have his phone # " guess what punk , my girlfriend bailed on you cause she has a boyfriend and she thinks your a creep so F-off" and Then send him a picture of my dick...and tell him "This is the dick thats been inside her for the last year and 1/2, hope you enjoy my dirty 2nds, oh wait you dont even get to have dirty 2nds cause Im hittin right now punk" Then I will continue my relationship with her and try to make things work with her.

    I know option 2 is crazy but this guys disrespect is making me really pissed off, although its more my gf fault cause she lacks the respect to not make plans with another guy behind my back, I will take it out on him an only him, I would never harm my gf.
    I want to make things work with her, but I cant continue if she continues to text him all the time, knowing that she had in the past made plans with him. The only way I can continue with her is if I make she this kid is out of the picture, by scaring him off.
    I would ask her to never talk to him again but she would only say thats not fair, I didnt do anything. Then I would continue with my life knowing this person is forever hatching schemes and she is playing with it cause either she is too naive or she really doesnt give a damn about me.

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    I have been with this girl for about 3 months now.
    Here is a quick backstory
    I am 22
    She is 18

    We have been dating for several months now, and for the most part our relationship is solid, but there is this one thing that bothers me from time to time quiet frequently. She gets these stomach pains when we hang out and says she only get them sometimes when she is with me. She is the first girl who has ever had this problem with me and it makes me feel guilty and like there is something wrong.

    I also have these stomach pains when I start to question our relationship. I care for this girl deeply...maybe even love her because when i think too much i get these painful upset feeling in my stomach like something is not right. And when I think about breaking up with her my heart hurts like a emotional way.

    At the beginning of our relationship the spark was intense and passionate, it still is but that spark has died down a lot. Being 18 she can not go to the bars with my friends, and my friends are at that stage in life where all they want to do is go to the bars...when i have grown tired of bars, because they cost too much money.
    It seams like our relationship has become routine, we do the same thing every time and I feel as if when she gets older she will get bored of the relationship and seek out a younger guy who goes out and parties and is into the college scene.

    I am not sure what I should do at this crossroad in our relationship. She says she is happy, but I know that i bore her at times and she wishes we could go out and party. We have only been together for 3 months and already I feel like we are a old couple.

    I care about this girl so much , and honestly the sex is so good, I am addicted to her right now. It might be a unhealthy addiction because I have been ignoring my friends and spending all my time with her...its just that its been so long since Ive had someone I was this comfortable with ( sexually, emotionally) that Im scared to let her go and have to go on with my life again being lonely and deprived of female lovin

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    What is the longest time you have been celibate (not get laid) after you already got some, and why?

    I’ll start first.
    Currently not since April 1 1 yr and 2 months…
    Reason? Cause I cannot find anyone suitable to date and I am scared to have sex in one night flings again.

    I am getting more nervous about it though, like what if next time I am find someone and I am willing I bust a nut in 2 min or I just plain suck cause its been so long? Is this a early mid life crisis? Im only 21!

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    Attempting to sexually assault his own daughter....someone like that should be locked up for a very very long time.'
    Porn addict or not is irrelavent.

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    If I was your boy friend and It was my birthday I would be delighted to see you dirty dancing on stage and showing your top. But then a part of me would be like damn it, all these other guys just saw a part of you that only I SHOULD. I wouldn't be mad just a little annoyed and satisfied at the same time.

    -21 year old asian, who comes from a family of buddist-

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    Oldfolks, I can really relate to what you are implying when you feel something is missing and no matter what you do to fill that void it's always there.

    I have struggled with depression for the last 10 years. I am currently 21. Before I was even born my biological mother cheated on my father. He in turn, left her and was deployed somewhere else in the army. My mother was Vietnamese and my father was Caucasian. Being a single mother at 17 is hard, but it is especially hard in a poor country like Vietnam. So my mother opted to move to USA. She arrived first and I followed about a year later this was when I was 3. But in that year, my mother found a new man and began a family with him. Unfortunately this new guy did not want a child in his family that was not his. So I was sent to live with my grandmother.

    Throughout my youth, I was constantly depressed and trying to cover up my depression by doing idiotic things to mask it. I got into drugs and alcohol at a young age. Constantly having mood swings, one week id be hanging out with all my friends. And the next I would be locked up in my room staying up all night and never seeing daylight. Counseling helped me a lot, so did getting on a healthy routine of sleep, diet and exercise. Also I started learning to play the guitar and that has brightened up my day.

    Basically what I wanted to say was, those drugs and materialistic things made me forget about that empty feeling for a day or 2. But in the end we must find out what our true demons are and face them. I found out that I suffered from thinking "I was never good enough". I thought my own mother abandoned me because I wasn’t good enough. I thought my only love of my life so far abandoned me because I wasn’t good enough. But the reality was it was their problem and their loss, not me being not good enough. Seeing the truth has saved me. I was living depression day by day for years. Now i just get into those slumps every once in a while.

    I apologize if this was too long and boring...just wanted to share.

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    Lol girls are weird. Personally I get more attracted to girls when they show less interest but seam genuine still. Once a girl shows she is mega into me and too fast, I back off. Girl saying she loves me after a month ehh, I'll might say it too so I can get laid. But love takes much more time you know? I just don't like it.

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    My advice dont have any physical relations with the girl who says she is 16 on myspace. They are trouble. Ive had experiences with falling for / messing around with younger girls when I was younger...

    as for the 13 year old, I dont think its illegal to kiss her. But if your friends and other people most likely with give you a hard time about it.

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