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    Hi, I'm 28 years old. I never really knew that the foreskin can be stretched like that! i checked on the web when i was 16 and found(somehow) that i needed a circumcision. But I used to trap my fluids with my foreskin, then go drop it into the pot or basin and rinse off and i felt like this increased my pleasure, so i never got a circumcision.

    I can't pull my foreskin back all the way when erect however, when flaccid I have no issue at all. I can pull it back about 1/3rd of the way when erect.
    A girl actually had me apply a VERY strong vibrator to the exposed head once and i was in so much pain, it's really sensitive.

    I have however had sex with condoms on with women in the past and faced no issues. I have had unprotected sex also, but the girl has been lubed up ( :P ) enough that my foreskin did not slide back at all.

    I can sort of leave it pulled back when erect but it hurts, specially if i contract my pc muscles and any stimulation is painful.

    My question is, can i stretch it now? Is it too late? Should i stretch it? I do have some issues with urinating which i currently resolve by carrying wet wipes. I can clean the smegma easily though when flaccid.

    Sorry for the long post!

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