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    I'm constantly sweating in my crotch area, it doesn't matter if it's hot, cold, if I'm fully clothed, in underwear, shorts, naked. I don't get it, the sweat doesn't usually stink, but it's annoying as fuck, and it turns me off, I can't imagine how much of a turn off it is to other people.

    suggestions on what causes it/how to get rid of it?

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    This is day 29 of my medicine. So far, it still hasn't seem to improve anything, sad days.

    On the plus side, I went on a 4 day drinking binge, yes I know bad me, But I can safely say the medicine didn't cause any issues with my drinking, I waited anywhere from 8-12 hours from taking my medicine before I drank and I was fine.

    None of my issues however have been fixed, sad days.

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    So, I recently been put on an Anti-Depressant called Viibryd and it's bumming me out. It's only been a little over a week but so far besides making me a little nausea and even more depressed it hasn't done much.

    My family keeps insisting it's helping, but they're not taking into consideration that I'm less stressed because a bunch of things have changed in my life. And things aren't as bad.

    But in general, it was prescribed for an anti-anxiety, and it's not doing it's job, if anything it's made my anxiety worse.

    Also I keep reading all these side effects people get from it for being on it long term and I dunno.

    And I just recently start drinking, and it's been chill, I know it's no good for your body, but it actually did help me relax.

    But I know you're not supposed to drink if you're on anti-depressants, but I can't find out what the side effects are if I do.

    Like. Is it ok to drink a little bit with my fiance sometimes? If I do, do I need to skip a day? I don't know.

    Also, I went to a doctor finally and tried to explain the fact I have to urinate like 15-20x a day, and they didn't really even try to look into it. It's kind of upsetting, I dunno what to do really.

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    I don't know what to do. As I've probably mentioned before, I have astraphobia to a pretty severe extent, if I so much as even know there's going to be a storm within a few days, I start having anxiety issues, so on and so forth.

    When it does storm, high winds, or thunder. Lightning in the distance even, I have breathing issues, anxiety issues, sweating. All that fun stuff, it gets bad sometimes to the point it physically hurts. And I always get a mentality I just can't shake.

    No matter what I tell myself or know better, as soon as I see it darken up and storm, I feel like it's the end. Nothing more after the storm. That there will be no tomorrow. It could have something to do with lightning striking by my close enough to physically hurt me (twice, once I was 6 and when I was 16 I think) but it fucks with me.

    It's got me to the point, I can't even bring myself to try to get a job anywhere I have to drive to because I have a retarded fear that if it storms and I get stuck, I'll get struck or something.

    My girlfriend thinks I should try to get on disability, but honestly. My own family doesn't seem to believe my problems even exist, despite seeing me curled up in a corner shaking and sweating. during storms. and when I tried to commit suicide, the therapists never actually could pinpoint a problem with me so they literally said they thought I was fine and released me from rehab ON the day I said I would kill myself (The anniversary day that a girl I liked from a young age was raped on and nobody did shit about it) So I don't see me being able to get on disability. And I'm afraid of trying to get put on meds for my anxiety, and I know they'll put me on something if I tried to get disability.

    When I was young, my friend gave me a bottle of their anti depressants. (as any of you who remember me i've been on here about my depression for years) I don't know the brand, but they told me how much I should take, and I was depressed as fuck, so I did it. They didn't help me in the slightest. So I'm already dubious about trying to get put on them.

    I understand different things work for different people, but my brother was in the military and the military decided he needed to be on anti depressants and shit (When he didn't) just because they found him wandering around derping out when he was drunk off his ass in Korea (Because he has drinking problems, not depression.) And they anti depressants made him psychotic, so. Thanks to the military putting him on anti depressants, he now needs anti psychotics too! Oh joy.

    So of course, I don't want to try to get on disability and them put me on something that fucks over my life like it did his. Even though now he gets a nice 2000 dollar check, because of military disability. I don't feel like giving up what little sanity I have for a check, nope not gonna happen.

    But in the meantime, I feel so stuck in life. literally too fucking scared to get a job, or to do shit. Because of a little stormy weather, and while I could get it while the weather was nice. It'd be meaningless, because I'd get fired because I couldn't get myself out of the house if there was a week of stormy weather.

    So fuck, what do I do? Can't get a job, can't get disability. Also, have horrid depression, been suicidal for years. And honestly would have probably offed myself forever ago.

    Except, I'm a nutjob who, is terrified of pain with and incredibly high pain tolerance, and back in the past I tried to off myself several times that should have been successful, and it barely even slown me down.

    The only two things that has kept me alive for the past 10 years is. 1 my fear of pain, and 2. the fear that nothing I do will actually successfully off me, but instead worst case scenario putting me into a vegetative state where I get to live out my years in fear, yet not being able to do ANYTHING.

    I thought about the whole bullet to the brain, but have a fear I'd miss and hit a part of my brain that vegetates me but wouldn't kill me, I thought about stepping infront of a train, but had a fear the vibrations would knock me over before it could hit me and just take my legs off. Allowing me to survive in misery. And I know people personally who have drank a gallon of bleach and washed down a few hundred extra strength tylenol that did nothing more than make them sick for about a week.

    So yeah, fuck that shit. I want to die, not live in misery. Though I'm ok with an alternative where I can somehow live peacefully. But to be honest, that's only been within the last year. And that's only because there's a small handful of people I've met who need me.

    God, I feel like a mess. The Phobia filled useless suicidal sack of potatoes that still manages to some how be needed. Fuck.

    I don't even know where to begin, therapy was useless, rehab was useless. Suicide was useless. Shit, what am I supposed to do =/ Vent I guess, and hope there's someone out there to hear me who can suggest a solution.

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     Originally Posted By: Ineligible
    Hi TheFallenLight!

    An enlarged prostate usually means it takes a long time to start the urine flow, and then the flow is weak. That doesn't sound like what you describe. What you describe sounds like what would be expected if you drink a fair bit, and are also sensitive to a bit of pressure in the bladder.

    When you are good for 4-5 hours, is that when you are distracted by other things so you don't happen to think of your bladder?

    There's the possibility of a urinary tract infection, but if it doesn't hurt to urinate there's not much evidence for it.

    Very highly spiced food does tend to burn a bit coming out the other end.

    Stress and depression will make it difficult for any guy to get and stay hard as easily, and your size may make it more difficult. Are you on any medication?

    When you do go to the doctor at some time in the future, it might be as well to get a check for diabetes - that can cause excessive drinking and also difficulty with erections. But my guess is it's the stress.

    I honestly can't remember what I'm doing when I'm good, but yeah I'm probably distracted. I could be sensitive to pressure in the bladder due to like I think I mentioned (too lazy to check)I've never really needed to hold it in.

    I do eat spicy foods, but never really had an issue with pain or burning.

    I honestly think I drink a lot out of boredom, for excessive drinking if anything, it's opposite, when I do drink, I drink a lot, and it's usually because I'm somewhere near water.

    But if I'm not, I might go hours without thinking about it. So I think you're right with the stress thing.

    Diabetes type 2 does run in my family, but the last person to get it in their 20's got it after they reached 350 pounds and drank all the time.

    I have a pretty decent diet and I'm in fairly good shape, so hoping that it's not the case. And I'm on no medication.

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    Decided I might also throw out this information, I took a piss. (Probably stupid idea) but drank a cup of water immediately after.

    Had slight urge to piss within 10 minutes, sipped on my girlfriends left over energy drink (maybe 2 oz worth tops), had same slight urge pretty much whole time. It's been an hour and a half to maybe 2 hours since I pissed.

    It's not a strong I've got to piss or I'll piss all over myself kind of thing, it's more of a, well this is irritating. I think I should drain out and see if I can be more comfortable issue. it seems.

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    So, I'm somewhat worried I could have prostate problems, but then again it could all be in my head. Biggest issue, I can't get checked up until Tax time.

    So, only real reason I think it's my prostate is, I did have hemorrhoids for a little bit, it is still kind of sensitive down there, after I use the bathroom, though that could be all the pepper I eat.

    Anyways, I noticed lately I can't seem to stay fully hard, part of it I think might be my low blood circulation though, I'm almost 10 inches fully hard. But if I'm not getting constant sexual stimulation, I seem to have trouble getting it up/keeping it up, unless I'm in the middle of fucking.

    So if I get hard, finger a girl and she's not rubbing on it the whole time I lose it.

    Then I notice, I piss all the fucking time. But it's not consistent exactly, sometimes I'll have to piss like 3 times in one hour, then I might be good for 4-5 hours. I do know I have a habbit of drinking a lot though, and again considered it might be that I don't let myself piss long enough maybe?

    I know my mom has a naturally small bladder, and I've never really had to hold it in. if I ever had to piss even a little bit, I'd just go to the bathroom.

    I already know I have something called delayed ejaculation, where it already takes me 30-40 minutes of good sex to get off. And I am really stressed/depressed all the time.

    So I'm hoping it could be just that I'm so stressed/depressed I have trouble keeping a hard on/getting off. And I just have a really small bladder and never thought about it till recently.

    Though, I did get a kidney stone a few months ago. Dad said if my bladder was pinched, or I had a kidney infection, they should have been able to catch it on the catscan. So that's why I'm worried it could be prostate related. As I do pee a lot, and my sex drive is lower, and I have trouble staying hard/getting off(from sex only, no problems in masturbation.) which I think is all possible prostate related problems

    But like I said, Ridiculous amounts of stress/depression daily, plus my bad drinking habits (Might have 2 cups of water on day and 16 cups of water/coffee/who knows what the next)So it could be all in my head.

    What are your opinions? Again I have no way to the doctors till tax time so yeah.

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     Originally Posted By: Ineligible
    The legal age of consent varies in different places. In the US it depends on the state, though if you cross state lines, or use the phone or internet or mail to arrange a meeting, it can bring in Federal law as well. There are sites that list the age of consent by state, but I have heard they are unreliable.

    In some states there are exceptions from statutory rape charges if the people are close enough in age, but not in other states. In some places, and possibly in Federal law, it is absolutely forbidden for people over 18 to have sex with people under 18. Your friend's mother might be thinking of special laws governing mentally handicapped people in special care - I doubt they would apply to your friend.

    There is a big gap in age and life experience between 16 and 21. It could well be a problem one way or another.

    The father of a 16-year-old girl could certainly make life difficult for a relationship, if she is dependent on him for a house and food, even if the relationship is legal. If it's illegal, he could make things very bad indeed, with the guy in jail and on the sex offenders list.

    Well I know for fact age of consent laws in my state is 16 period regardless of age gap. I'll tell my friend she still shouldn't do things with this guy just to be safe.

    As far as my case, I never really planned or expect anything to last long enough to turn sexual. I know there's not a hell of a lot to do legally, if we were both 16.

    But I weren't sure if because I'm an adult, even if I could legally have sex due to consent laws, if there was some bullshit that could be pulled that, I'm still an adult, so if he told me I couldn't see her, and she met me at we'll say McDonalds, for a date. If he could actually do anything about it legal wise.

    Though, I was never told I couldn't see the girl, but he doesn't know yet I'm interested in his daughter either =/

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     Originally Posted By: older&wiser
    depends on the dad ,police get involed,courts,that sort of thing,
    As far as the 16yo it might be considered Rape,or a lesser charge,does she want to put him through that just to get laid?

    I'm pretty sure you can't charge with rape, if the person is 16 though, considering it's the age of consent.

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    So, my friend is having some questions about the age of consent laws. She's almost 16, and the guy she wants to get with is 21 or 22 I forget.

    I tried to convince her to go with someone more her age, but she's not interested in listening to that.

    But she says her mom claims that despite the legal age of consent being 16 here, she still can't legally have sex until she's 18 because she has a mental or medical condition or something.

    Basically, she's on anti-depressants. Her "condition." is either Manic or Chronic depression. I forget which.

    But that sounds like an excuse to me. Does it hold any truth?

    On a site note, while pondering around on the internet, supposedly, should in a case where someone sleeps with someone under the age of consent. If you can prove they were sexually promiscuous prior to the defendant having sex with them.

    They couldn't be charged with statutory rape because they claimed not subject to being corrupted by the defendant.

    On a somewhat unrelated note. I'm 19 (turning 20 in august) and there's a girl who just turned 16 I'm interested in. Her father told her I was too old for her.

    If I pursued a relationship with her anyway, is there anything he could actually do about us going out? Other then grounding her from leaving the house and telling me I can't come over?

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