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    I've asked a few questions about this one girl before, but I'll describe it again. We used to know each other in elementary school (bf and girlfriend, but never really talked) and like 3 weeks or so ago I saw her again and we started talking. Ever since then we've met like 3-4 times in person and Skype chat like hours everyday, a lot at night, until like 1 in the morning sometimes.

    So to me it looks like she really likes me, but either it's me being the paranoid person I am or these are reasonable claims. Some days she'll initiate conversation, participate more to the chat, and apparently she laughs all the time when we're talking, and then some days she seems way more quiet and doesn't really push the conversation as much so it's me asking questions mostly. The times I notice it most is when she says "Ohh okay" a lot... I just automatically take that as she didn't give a shit of what I just said and then I have to think of something to say... I also get this feeling when we're mid conversation and then takes a while to respond and then just goes with "Okay". This happens quite rarely, but at really random times. Like she could be laughing and having fun and BAM, "Okay".
    I'm paranoid as fuck as a person (I know that's not a good quality), but I have major trust issues. I wouldn't have any if we were together like Boyfriend/Girlfriend, but at this "Unknown" moment, I can't really trust her feelings.

    She's really sweet and kind, but I have no idea what to think anymore. At first I was like 90% sure she liked me the way I liked her, and now it just keeps fluctuating up and down...

    It's just really frustrating and confusing... it's messing up my mind...

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