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    Relaxed on the sofa, remote in his hand
    He sifts through the channels, the time flows like sand.
    Now clutching his cigarette the hours go by
    His own rhythmic heartbeat a sweet lullaby.

    Not a care nor a worry, his life presses on
    He watches his sons grow with each passing dawn.
    With a proud gaze he smiles as they each leave his nest
    And sleeps soundly, not aware of the bane in his breast.

    The years carry on, the time flows like sand
    Now he travels great distances, he’s high in demand
    But it’s harder to breathe- his heart soon gives way
    He grows weaker and weaker with each passing day.

    So too grows a monster, a ravenous hound
    Consuming his body- too late is it found
    As he struggles for air, his sons come undone
    So proud of their father, and all he’s become

    The minutes march on, the time flows like sand
    He looks at his oldest, weakly grasping his hand
    But today he just seems so strangely withdrawn
    No more pain, he draws his last laboured breath… And is gone.

    I love you Grandpa…

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    Oh it's been getting worse over the past few days, but I don't doubt it's gonna be gone by Tuesday... Sigh It's starting to interrupt my sleep. \:\(

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    This is the third time this has happened, literally... In Feb. the first time it happened I was curled up in bed crying all day because my stomach hurt so bad.
    We went to an ER and after a blood test and an ultrasound (I think that's what is was), the docs didn't find anything, told me it was food poisoning and sent me home. It still hurt like a week after!

    Then four months later in May it happened. I didn't eat for a week because there was that same sharp pain and tenderness in my tummy, but we blamed it on horseriding.

    Now five months later it's back! It started like 3 days ago with some cramps in my side and now I'm in a lot of pain, just eating motrin like candy T_T
    As always it's very tender at the bottom, but most of the pain is near my ribs.

    Should I also mention that I lost like 9 pounds between Jul. and Aug.? No idea why either- probably not even connected.
    Regardless, any ideas what could be going on? Should I be worried?? I get no other symptoms...

    Thanks <3

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    Fo sho, lol, he basically caught me off guard... We were fooling around, yes, but I didn't actually expect him to put it in... >.<

    Thank you though, I know I worry way too much about this...

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    I feel like such an idiot, I can't afford a test and I don't want my parents to know!

    I mean, I'm 18 but Christ... This will really f' up my life if I am pregnant! D:

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    This is full of all kinds of personal information, but I need some kind of answer...

    To start off with, my last period began July 2nd and ended on the 8th. Normally what happens is, I get cramps one or two days before, then bleed heavy with clots for five days and spot for the sixth... Although last month was the first time I'd been regular, usually I went for a couple months between with really heavy bleeding.
    So around the 18th or so I had sex for the first time ever, and I've done it a couple times since, each with a condom for the big ending, but twice without in the beginning of it all, so precum was a risk.

    Well, I'm paranoid about being pregnant. I started my period something like 2 days ago (maybe 3) after much anticipation, though on any reg schedule it was a few days late. I had cramps 3 days before, then started bleeding heavy with clots (much to my relief!)

    Well... I just took a bath and noticed something... It looks like it's almost stopped!!!! It's red, definitely red, but hardly any is coming out. As per usual my cramps stopped today, the third day, but now I'm scared...

    Could this be implantation bleeding? COULD I BE PREGNANT!?

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    Yeah only we never had sex... >.>

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    My ex and I have known each other for about a year now. I've recently found out he was really attracted to me when we first met, and I asked him out last December. Well... I broke up with him in February, and we went for two whole weeks without talking.

    So then a friend's birthday party comes around, we gradually start talking and hanging out again from there, and he asks me out about a month later, mid March. Well this time I fell really hard for him... So much so that I'm sure I smothered him- I constantly called when he didn't, or visited without announcing it. The first month was bliss, the last two not so much, as he avoided me and acted like a jerk sometimes. It didn't help that I didn't see him as much, I went to night school and worked on a different schedule than we did before.

    He broke up with me on May 30th and we haven't talked since...
    Three days ago!
    School started up again, I went back to high school and saw him the very first day!
    He got in front of me but didn't see me around the corner, so I poked him and asked how he'd been. It was a short, awkward conversation after which he left without saying goodbye.

    Yesterday after school, I ran up and tickled him as he was headed to his car, he slowed down and we walked together, but he got in his car without saying goodbye again. I figured no biggie, at least it was something.
    So then today I saw him in the office when I came in late, I walked up to the counter, ignored him, but he said, 'hi' and 'bye' to me this time! Then he left and I ran out and hugged him from behind, we both laughed n_n

    So LATER as I was driving home my car overheated, leaving me on the side of the road. He stopped and asked what happened, pulled over and got out to keep me company for a minute or two; As he was leaving I asked if he would hug me and he did! But anywho, he asked if I would be alright, I said yes, and he left, this time saying goodbye as well... :3

    I don't want to make the same mistake twice, I'm still very in love with him, but I don't want to push him away again. What should I do? Just play cool and not even ask if he wants to be friends again? Should I keep initiating contact as we leave school or...?

    And here's the big question... Do you guys think that I still have a chance to get back with him, from the way he's acting after two months of non-communication?

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    We were friends for months before...
    Like, I asked him out but we were both pretty unenthusiastic about it the first time. I got pissed one day and broke up with him, we didn't talk for a month... Then we started hanging out more and more and a month ago he asked me out.
    I mean, our relationship now is better than it was before- we kiss, tell each other we love each other, and when we're together we're inseparable...
    But it's getting together now that's the problem \:\(

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