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    After months' trying, I eventurally got my foreskin
    fully retracted on the new year's day.
    I am 23 and got a very tight constricting ring.
    I started praticing stretching my foresckin 2 months ago.
    I followed some advice of administering some betamethone.
    My frequency of stretching is 3-4 times a week and about half an hour each time. During the first a few times
    I used watson cotton buds to expand the ring. After serveral times, fingers will do.
    The outcome is just phenomenal after 3 week: almost half way to a full retraction.
    Because I am very worried about paraphimosis, I waited a long time for it to be complete prepared.
    Well, on the new year's day I made up my mind to finish it.
    Although still a little hurt, it's very much worth it.
    Thank for all the information provided here.

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    After a month's stretching, now I am able to retract the foreskin but only with considerate cream and "foreplay".
    When I get up next morning, the foreskin get tight again.
    I am afraid the foreskin always has a tendency to get tight and if I stop pratice streching it, phimosis condition will restore. Is it true?

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