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    hiya mate.. look at the following website.. good stuff to learn here...

    Its all about exercise and diet

    Write down all the things you hate about being overweight and stick it in your bedroom so you can see it every day... get motivated kid , you only live once... good luck !!

    Best wishes

    Gavin Wales UK

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    Hi mate i know how you feel... Motivation ! where does it come from ? it comes from motion ! alot People do the same routine every day and it gets boring and depressing doesnt it... if you really want to motivate yourself you have got to look inside and think why do i really want to be fit . ok the 29 inch waist is an easy one , but health to , its not all about looking good... cancer , diabetes , heart failure , severely shortened life span and it goes on and on and on... all this from not exercising.
    ok , simple plan but really effective results and the motivation comes from the rsults you are actually seeing.
    it is scientific that if you dont exercise you lose motivation anyway.. exercising alone gives you the get up and go to carry on exercising. the brain releases natural endorphines which give you the feel good factor. and gives you energy and confidence for all other aspects of life as well as motivation to carry on.
    but the start is always the hardest , if you can push yourself through that pain barrier at the beginning , you will go on and see a personal success in yourself .
    this barrier will only last about 1 - 2 weeks depending on how hard you push yourself , the harder the better ! shock your body into change , dont make it a...
    " oh i really should go exercising "
    make it a ....
    " I MUST go exercising "
    As soon as you put your body under stress through exercise it'll think "" fcuk me i'm not going through that again "" and your body will start changing itself immediately ready for the next big exercise.. and you'll find exercise will get easier after that initial pain barrier of the first week or two.
    All you need to do is go running every morning for 30 mins before breakfast and after that, eat healthy for the rest of the day...
    do you know you should eat 5 - 6 times a day ? well , you should as long as its healthy food... so you'll never go hungry... after breakfast eat every 3 hours , but only small snacks or sandwhiches and have a nice meal in the evening..
    If you follow those simple instructions above I will garauntee you will lose 2 - 4 pounds of self killing fat every week.
    weigh yourself once a week , say every sunday and keep a chart.
    look at your chart over the next few weeks and you will see your motivation !!

    thanks for listening mate

    Gavin, Wales , UK

    Feel free to ask me any questions

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    whatever you do , dont get to clingy on her... as soon as you seem desperate its a turn off.
    Play it cool , give her something nice ,like a gift and then kiss her on her cheek.. then wait a while , make her feel special , gils love that. but dont get her too many gifts.. just once in a while. things take time , but before long , as long as you make her feel special , she'll be putty in your hands... you'll prob even get her into bed !! ha ha

    good luck

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    Hiya mate , dont worry any more...
    you prob know that you have got to consume less calories than you body usually needs throughout the day.. thats step one.
    Step 2 - EXERCISE !! all those stupids so called diets dont work. dont use diets , change your life style and eating habbits.. most people diet , lose the fat and think they have won... then they go back to the old eating habbits... and it happens again. this is gonna sound horrible now but if you are serious , this WILL work !
    every morning before breakfast do 30 mins exercise - up to you what you do but make it a 30 min cardio.
    Step 3 . after your morning workout , eat a nice breakfast but not too much , because you'll be starving and want to eat africa ! maybe some toast and cereal.
    then eat every 2 - 3 hours , but make it small healthy snacks... your aiming for about 5-6 meals a day , your 4th or 5th meal being the nice one.. you know steak or chicken breast...
    your body and stomach acts as a steam engine , you gotta keep filling it with fuel to keep you going... its called your metabolism.. if you only eat 1 or 2 meals a day your body thinks its in famine and starts storing fat from your meals incase it dont get another meal for a while... if your eating 5 -6 times a day , your body is thinking wait there whats all this ??? and starts using all the energy from food instead of storing it... you understand ?
    Step 4 . If you really wanna lose fat big time !! and have a six pack and ect... add another workout to your day between lunch and dinner , but this time do weights instead of cardio... dont have to go mad , just do a little..


    GOOD LUCK !!

    Gavin , Wales UK

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    Basically my friend , I'm 26 and had plenty upon plenty of shags and many more wanks than that... Ive found the more exited you are the more you will come... If you cant leave your cock alone and wank 2 - 3 times a day , you are gonna run out. hard not too though ha ha. Ive also found the more you prolong your orgasm as in fucking or wanking that helps to . damn , i wish i could go back to that very first time again... never felt ANYTHING like it and never will again...ha ha but i will keep searchin.
    Remember - leave it a day or 2 and try and get really exited - even better if its with a woman

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