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    My roommate just found out she was pregnant, Should be about 31 days (last sex was had on New Years)..
    Heres the deal.. She already has a one year old whom she can just barley afford, and the father only sees him when its most convenient for him (I.e-ONCE a month)and she is also 23 years old (keep this in mind)

    She has always been pro-abortion/pro-choice, and wants one herself.
    The troubling part is that she cant get over the "abortion is murder" thing, and thinks she's a monster for doing this. But doesn't want to go with the adoption route, because she doesn't want it change her mind once she gives birth.

    Im also 23, and have a 1 year old, and trying to put myself in her shoes, I would have no quams about getting the abortion. Knowing fully well how incapable I would be of taking care of a new born, and would not want to raise another child who would grow up in poverty and not know a good life. she admits she cant financially, mentally, and physically handle a new baby. She also does not know the man who impregnated her, as it was a pressured one night stand.

    I do not know what to do or say to help comfort her, at least a little bit. I keep reassuring her of the things she's told me, but she still cant get over it.

    Im just looking for some words of advice I can give her in this obvious time of struggle and mental anguish.

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