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    This is kind of one of those those 'youll have to get used to it' things. Im a heavy precummer as well, and sometimes it happens at the most inopportune times.

    Ultimately, its a sign of pretty good virility. And it helps a lot when it comes to lubrication for masturbation and sex.

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    Ive experienced this too. I assume its from the fact that the vales allowing urine into your dick close to allow semen through (ultimately). After you've orgasmed, enough time's passed that the bladder feels the pressure cool off, and says, 'time to piss!'

    I know that women as well, sometimes after sex, need to go pee. Some have said its from having a hard object pushing inside them that prompts the feeling in the end.

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    shoe size: 11
    erection: 9.75"

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    flaccid length: 6.5-7"

    erect length: 9.5-9.75"
    erect girth: 6.5-6.75"

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    i use both hands, lots of fun.

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    1. Your Age: 22

    2. Straight, homosexual, or bisexual?: Straight

    3. Your flaccid (soft) penis length: 6.5"

    4. Your erect (hard) penis length: 9.75"

    5. Are you satisfied with your penis length?: Very much so.

    6. What would you say average length is?: 5.5"

    7. Your flaccid (soft) penis girth (thickness)?: 6"

    8. Your erect (hard) penis girth (thickness)?: 6.75"

    9. Are you satisfied with your girth (thickness)?: Very mmuch so.

    10. Amount of Pubic Hair: average, I'd guess.

    11. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?: Yup.

    12. What places do you have hair?: standard places. legs, crotch, torso, lower arms, pits, head

    13. Do you wish you had more/less?: Its a perfect amount.

    14. Are you circumcised (cut)?: Yup.

    15. Do you ever wish you were/weren’t?: Sometimes, but I prefer my cut status.

    16. Do you have wet dreams?: Not anymore.

    18. What's your farthest cumshot?: Several feet.

    19. Do you consider yourself done with puberty?: Definitely.

    20. Boxers/Briefs/Boxerbriefs/ or other?: Boxers normally, boxer briefs to work out.

    21. Would you show your penis If a girl asked you to?: Definitely.

    22. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Girlfriend.

    23. Have you kissed this person?: Yes.

    24. Have you had sex with this person/or before?: Yes.

    25. Did you enjoy it?: 'Hell Yes' about covers it.

    26. Oral sex?: Yup.

    27. Anal sex? Nope.

    28. What other kinds?: tittyfucking.

    29. Have you ever had incest (having sex with a relative)?: No.

    30. If so, did you like it?: See above.

    31. Do you masturbate?: Of course.

    32. Which hand do you use to masturbate?: I use both hands.

    33. How often?: At least twice a day.

    34. What's your favorite place to jack off?: My room, in bed, or on my girl's chest.

    35. What’s the strangest place you've jacked off?: Girl's lockerroom. Well, actually, thats not strange, lol.

    36. Do you orgasm?: Of course.

    37. How, Where, or what do you use to clean it up with?: Into my cum towel, a condom, or as per above, on my girl. lol.

    38. Are you limber enough to suck your own dick?: Yes.

    39. Do you do it often?: Nope.

    40. Do you wish you could/couldn't?: Don't care.

    41. Do you swallow/taste your semen?: Nope.

    42. Do you like it?: See above.

    43. Do you experience other ways of masturbation?: Solo, with my girl, tittyfucking, etc.

    44. Have you ever been caught jacking off?: Yes.

    45. Are you jacking off now?: No, lol.

    46. Do you jack off using condoms?: No. Too valuable things for that.

    47. Do you ever play with you foreskin?: I dont have any.

    48. Do you ever play with your balls? Yup.

    49. ...with your anus? Nope.

    50. Do you ever masturbate at school?: Yes.

    51. Do you look at porn?: Occasionally.

    52. If so, what types?: Women, hot nekkid women.

    53. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?: Yup.

    54. Do you jack off while looking at porn?: Yup.

    55. Do you ever look at porn with friends?: I have.

    56. Do you go to porn webpages?: I have.

    57. Do you download porn off of Kazaa or something?: Again, I have.

    58. Do you look at porn mags?: Yes.

    59. Do you parents give you porn?: How about No.

    60. Do you get bored of porn sometimes?: Of course.

    61. Do you take showers or baths?: Showers alone. Baths with my girl.

    62. Do you use stalls or urinals for pissing?: urinals.

    63. Do you drink piss? Feces...?: No.

    64. Do you ever peek at other people's penises while pissing?: Nope, got all the show I need with my dick.

    65. If so, what did you see?: See above.

    66. Do you have sleepovers with friends?: Not really, nto anymore.

    67. Do you ever jack off with friends?: Yes, sometimes.

    68. Do you compare penis sizes to friends?: Yes.

    69. Have you been seen naked by family members, or by friends?: Yes.

    70. Do your parents give you condoms?: Heh, no. I buy those myself.

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    look into kegels. they help.

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    I've jerked off in the same room with my closest buds. Pretty much started in a typical way. We came across a porn, started bustin our zippers, decided to whip em out and not be embarassed. Got nothing to be embarassed about below :grin:

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