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    I know it's pathetic but I havent found a girlfriend yet and I'm already 21!
    My friend are already making fun of this. I need to pretend I have a gf so that they will just shut up.
    But how?
    I needed some pics to prove that I have a gf. The fake "relationship" could end in a few weeks and then at least I would not be considered a virgin anymore.

    I was hoping maybe someone could help me. I already looked online on blogs where girls post pics of themselves, some even nude ones! But I havent really found a girl which would look realistic. Posting pics of models makes no sense. Too perfect girls also make no sense. I needed pics of normal girls which show them with clothes on, smiling, posing and also a few ones where they are nude or sexy so that I could show some to my friends to convince them what she's real.

    Any ideas?

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    but what REALLY worries me is why does the OSHA say you must soak instruments in disinfectant for 30 minutes???

    Does it really take that long to kill HIV?
    I only sprayed medical disinfectant on the sex toys for like 30 seconds and rubbed it off cause on the label it said that 30 seconds are enough for HIV and other viruses. What if this is wrong then it was basically not safe at all! :(

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    I am shocked right now.
    Read this:

    Do you know what this means? This means that everything we were told so far is wrong.
    I was always told stuff like "The HIV virus dies outside of the body totally fast and then it's no longer dangerous yadda yadda yadda" and I believed this!

    But this example proves that this is NOT so!

    What does this mean?

    I also do not understand this here:

    "Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): Wash the instruments in soap and water, soak them in a disinfectant for 10 to 30 minutes, rinse the tools in clean water and dry them with a clean cloth, then store them in a clean, covered area."

    Soak in disinfectant for 10 to 30 MINUTES!?!?!

    I have medical disinfection sprays which say they kill HIV on surfaces in 15 seconds!
    How can this be? I relied on this! If the disinfectants kill the virus in 15 seconds then why do they
    advise soaking for 10-30 minutes?

    I am really scared now. In the past I bought quite a few of different sex toys online. Since I always
    worried about hygiene and thought what if I am sold a used toy I always sprayed a disinfection spray on the toys and let it there for like a minute and then rubbed it off. But what if this wasn't long enough to kill possible viruses???? I am totally scared right now. What if this means that IF a toy really has been used before then I was using a possibly contaminated toy!? Oh my.

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