Im really getting into the fitness thing, i gave up on the gym as it wasnt for me, i've been doing some weights at home, focusing on my Biceps and the fact they appear to get bigger every time i do 'em has got me on a roll.Currently im doing 18.2kgs (40IBS) 8x8x8x6, then after a week i go up to 10x10x10x8 then 2 weeks later i go up to 12x12x12x10, and a week later i increase the weights.Doing it this way i've managed to increase the weight i can do by 2KGs each month which considering i am 5ft 11 and only 140IBS with a skinny 29inch waist i feel thats an impressive amount of weight, especially after only 3 months worth of work.I am also playing an hour of Squash a week which is super cardio and i powerwalk most places.I've ordered a multi gym to start working on the rest of my body which hopefully i should be able to work gains ive had on my arms onto my chest/back/shoulders.My question is about supplements, do Protein shakes and creatine help? If so how much help are they? Also if they will benifit me am i best giving it a few months working my whole body before i start using supplements like these or should i jump strait into 'em?Thanks!