I'm a dancer and for almost a week now it's hurt to raise my leg up too high becuase of my left hip. I thought I had strained some tendons or something but my profs and fellow dancers said it was probably a swollen gland in my hip.
I have had a torn groin muscle and I know what it feels like, and it doesn't feel like this.
When I went to the medical clinic on campus they said to come back in a few days to see if it was a pulled muscle or a swollen gland. She also said to alternate heat and ice on it.
As a dancer, with a multitude of various injuries under my belt I know that you heat tired muscles and that's about it. Also the other dancers in my dept. were stressing that no matter what, do not heat it, if you do, it just gets inflamed.
My dad is also a navy man and grew up on a farm and knows what to do for most injuries, and he said the doctor was crazy for suggesting heat.
I was just wondering if anyone knew what to do for swollen hip glands that does not require a perscription becuase apparently the people who would write me ones don't know what they're doing.
sorry, this was mainly a rant.