Wow I never knew guys worried that much about their height. I haven't dated a lot of guys, mainly because they haven't asked and I don't go to public high school any more (so it's not "required" any more to have a boyfriend. That's not to say I wouldn't want one..), but I dated a guy shorter then me once. I honestly never paid much attention to how tall a guy was. I like guys for their personality etc. I don't really think height has anything to do with popularity. I used to think looks had something to do with poularity, but not totally. When I was in public high school, there were a lot of people that weren't exactly beautiful but they were popular. I think it has to do with personality and how confident you are in yourself. I always used to wonder why I was never popular, but now I realize that I am too shy with people I don't know real well and too insecure about myself. People want to hang out with confident people I guess. That's just the conclusion I've come too.