Hi guys/galsFor as long as I can remember I've always seemed to have a flabby chest.I'm a fairly fit person - at the height in summer I'l be footballing 3 or 4 times a week, playing tennis regulary and going to the gym for mainly CV work. I'm clued up when it comes to fitness in general. Even in winter I still have football games, and carry on with the gym.As a child I was quite thin, and then put alot of weight on at primary school. This weight then fell off as I went into secondary school and family members used to comment that I'd dropped out of the 'puppy fat' stage. I'm happy with my body - I don't have a razor sharp abs, but my stomach in general is OK. I'd also consider myself to be fitHowever, my chest is not so great. I'd consider myself to have man boobs. They aren't huge, but defiently noticible... and I have to wear a top that has at least some slack in it to avoid them being noticible when out.Now what's funny is one side seems to be bigger than the other! My left side is defiently larger than my right side. Now of course, I use my right arm loads more - so this is probably why - but .. I don't know if others notice when im wearing a certain top - to me it looks odd.. and is effecting my self esteem.At the gym I was basically using CV machines, then using some of the resistance machines to concentrate on upper body. I never did much work resistance wise but after a few weeks they'd seem to get bigger, and bigger. Obviously I was pushing the muscles out, but the fat remains on top! Not good. Someone reccomended push ups - so i've been doing them but to me that's filling my chest out as well, yet the fat remains.. so they just look bigger.more than anything anyway it's just affecting my self confidence. Considering I know i'm not fat, I just feel horrible in my clothes. I'm always thinking does my chest look big in this. I wouldn't mind as such I guess if they were both the same and they looked equal - but it just seems that one side is bigger, almost looks lob sided lol Has anyone got any solutions, i'm at my wits end. I've read up about this and have heard about a condition begining with G.. gyno something, but I know I don't have that. I'm fairly sure this is just excess weight that was there when I was chubbyish as a kid. I know your nipple area is one of the last places you lose this weight.What options do I have? Are there any form of medication available that will help? Have I seriously got to consider some form of liposuction? What sort of costs? Is there any other excercises I could consider? I'm too embaresssed to talk to my mum - she always finds it weird when I comment about how fat I am and how I'd like to lose weight - I don't like to say it's my chest im annoyed with for some reason :SI'd really appreciate any reply, get's me down so much Sorry for the long, rambling post.