This one have some special bacground...This is my favorite lyric written by me.

I see clearly now, i have to leave tonight
In the shadows of night, i look at you one last time
I need to be alone i need to get away.
I didnt want to wake you up to see me go
I know that it will only hurt you so

Please dont cry for my absence, i leave tonight
I will die to think of you all alone
I can only hope you will someday see why i did what i have done.
Now i sitt on the side of your bed, looking at you
Runing my fingers trough your hair, waching you sleep
I turn off the alarm on the clock, so you wont be woken up by the bip
As i leave.

Slowly i close the door, as i have done so manny times before
But this night i wont be lying beside you
The moon shines big and bright, as i turn off the light
The stars hig on the sky will wach over you
I want you to know, that i really hadd to go
Please dont be missing me.

As i walk away from the house, i can see the lights in the window
You must have found my letter
I can hear you out in the door, crying and calling for me
" Please dont leave me, please dont go...Don't you know i love you so.
I will die without you i cant live on my own...I need you so bad please come home"
I stop up on the hill, with tears in my eyes..not turning around but looking up to the skyes.
I can feel you looking at me, i can hear you runing
I fight so hard, not to turn around..but i force myself to walk away
I need you to know i cant stay.

As the house dissapears..i turn around
And in the moonlight i can see you
Lying on your knees on the ground
Screaming to me
Crying so sad
Deep inside i feel so bad
As i turn to walk away i can hear you say
" I dont understand, i need you to stay, if you leave me my world will turn grey..
Please answer me, dont walk away. we can fix this...please, please hear what i say
I have never loved someone like i love you, i cant breathe if i loose you to.
Please answer me, please dont go..i love you so"
Then you get up an run after me..I start to walk faster
I need you to not worth your love, im a bad man.

So as i reach the topp of the hills, you fall to the ground looking at me, not making a sound..And before your eyes loose the sight of me
I shout out to you:
" in my heart there will always be a special place for you, i cant stay here..i have done bad things..things you dont need to be draged into..Things i will be hunted for
things i dont want to talk about...
I love you to, and cant live without you, but i have to go..Pleace understand..and let me go
I'll be back someday, but dont wait for me..In my heart you will always be."

Then i cant see you i sail away in my boat..over the bay.
I promisse i will be back some day
Please dont be missin me.