Hi all first time doing this, Hope you are all well & happy as can be,Not too sure where I should ask this question or if it has been asked before so I thought I would put up on this board since it is directed to the grille folks more the then the guys, & you can guide me for thre next one I send in.I was involved in a 3sum last night, ‘not trying to boast’ but I seam to get invited to at lest one a month. It was a mfm think nice people being married for 6 years, but when it came to playing. The guy was just jamming it in her no different angles, depth or speeds. We used missionary, her on her side, riding me, doggy & double penetration where she tried him & he was too rough or large but she seemed love me in tho. “Not that I am a big fan of doing the anal thing” As if he was just out to get himself off & not her, well that is how it seemed. It is not the sort of thing you can tap a guy on the shoulder & say “do you relay think she is enjoys it”. I was wondering if you girls have come across it often, & if just being banged fairly hard does it for you. The other question then if you have found it to be a problem have you not goon back for seconds, left him or are you stuck in a long term realationship, & not satersfied. Please don’t think I am a sex god or anywhere close to it. I rely like to help people to enjoy them selves learn from them & help them learn from me if they wish. To me that's what casual, open relationships, & swinging all about.Please no smart ass comments, but all genuine welcome. Wishing you all good sex & sexy dreams