Last week I finally went to doc to have something checked out which I think I already knew what it was.Last year I had a left hernia repair. I discoverd I have a lump in pubes on the right side now. I have had this for a couple months(maybe longer). I thought it was a hernia as it looked and felt the same as my left side before i had it repaired. The doc confirmed it with the usual hernia exam that I in fact do have another one. For all those out there that hate this exam it is not that bad at all. The doc did not even ask me to remove underwear, he just pulled them down a little to expose top of pubes and maybe top of shaft so that he could do his test and see the lump as well. Was all over in a few seconds.I am now on a list to get it corrected. This could take up to 6 months in the public system here. The doc mentioed due to the fact that both sides have gone that I had a congential defect from birth and that these just happen over time. Has any one else had both left and right hernia repair. The doc seems to think there is no real danger as the lump is quite big an he said it was the smaller hernias that cause more trouble.At least I know what I am in for with the operation and recover time!! Apart from the SHAVE of the pubes the whole thing is not to bad. And u get time off work.