i went to my doctors a while back and recieved some hydrocortisone cream (o.5%) to help me stretch my foreskin as it was tight. id been using this cream to stretch and it didnt really have any significant or noticable effect so i gave up using the cream as it said on the instruction leaflet thing that it shouldnt be used for long periods of time. ive been trying to stretch without the cream since and still dont seem to be making much progress...i can pull my foreskin back over my head when erect but it isnt comfortable at all. when i started stretching i presumed that it wudnt take long as my foreskin wasnt really THAT tight but ive been stretching for around 2 months now without really much progress. i do have some scarring on my foreskin which i know will be harder to stretch but can i still make progress? also i havnt been stretching in the bath and if somebody could tell me how long to stretch for and to what extent(eg stretch it till it hurts and hold it there? think this may be what gave me scarring in earlier life) please help, im really getting frustrated.