I am posting this in the teen life thread. Why? Because what I am about to write only applies to teens. When we mature and our brains repairs itself fully, personality indeed is 90% of attraction. But unfortunately, when we are under the age of 20, we tend to rely on our eyes for everything. What we see, we believe, instead of the other way. We have grown so dependent on our vision that we have formed a belief system, based on things we see. Confused? Maybe.

But, anyway, I am just letting you know that teenage girls (and boys) strictly go for looks. Everything is based on first impressions, and your first impression is all about presentation- and guess what a presentation is? Well it has mostly to do with seeing something. So, what do guys do when they see a 'hot' girl? "Wow shes hot, I want to get to know her" or something more drogitory. But what do we do when we see an 'unattractive' girl? We probably don't repeat it in our heads, but its something along the lines of '...shes ugly'. Almost the same thing for teenage girls. The whole talk of 'its all about the personality' is complete Bullshit. Infact, looks and personality, walk hand-in-hand most of the time. People with good looks, who know it, and get complemented (or whatever) about it, tend to FEEL GOOD about themselves, which boosts their self-esteem. And you know what makes you have a good personality? Good self-esteem. If you are a 300 pound 15 year old, you do not get complemented about your looks, but you get teased about them, which LOWERS your self esteem, and thus you tend to 'cast' yourself away from people, get less friends, and develop a poor personality.

Of course, there are guys and girls who look good to the opposite sex, but may be a jerk or an asshole at sometime, but it is rare, for them to be like that 'all of the time'. Everyone is an asshole, sometimes. That doesn't mean that have a bad personality. So, please refrain from using the line 'its personality, not looks' for teenage refrence, because in reality, saying that is just a big lie. You like their looks, and they have a good personality, because of their looks.