I went to get tested for STD's in mid january and everything came back negative, thank God. I still need to go back at the 3 month mark for the followup HIV testing though. What are the chances that I could have HIV or that they could have missed something else?I am a bit paranoid right now as I am normally VERY healthy getting sick maybe 3 times a year. But for the past month I have had a cough that will not go away. During that time, I somehow got a cut on the back of my left earlobe that will not heal, a birthmark that I've ahd all my life started opening up and bleeding very thick dark red (almost blacksih) sticky blood and on the back of my right thigh is a patch of very dry skin that bleeds a bit when I pester it. Lastly the roof of my mouth has become very sensitive and may be acting like ym thigh, I am not sure. It might just be a blister but its unsual as well.Am I over reacting, am I overly paranoid? Can someone please help ease my mind and tell me what is going on? I am deffinatly not used to being sick so long so I am paranoid that it might be something bigger then a cough, and with the addition of a cut that won't close and other area's bleeding I am worried.