First of all I have exema but I've been using a facial cream for it for quite awhile (about a tear) and it works very well. But lately within this past month I've gotten a bunch up bumps on the skin on my face, and they aren't clogged pores because they can't pop, and I know that they aren't pimples. And sometimes they get red and irritated. I haven't changed facial washes at all, nothing has changed. I used Olay face wash for sensitive skin and I put my exema medication at night. But I don't know why it's all of the sudden doing this or what it is... It wont go away. What do you think it is / what could I do to cure this possibly?I have a dermatoligist appointment but its not til the end of this month and im afraid this is going to get worse :/it sucks because i have really good skin besides this issue