I really respect this board because everyone keeps this mature. I have been working out for about 3 months now and have lost about 13-18 pounds and many people have really seen an improvement. I'm 15 years old..5'11 and weigh about 160-165 (178 before). I have had a belly but I really lost a lot of it. I have made a total transformation and many people have complimented me on my work. Well I am defientely not satisfied until I get a 6 pack or atleast a 2-pack 4-pac and no belly at all (don't want to be fat at all). I'm in decent shape and workout as much as I could so at a bad week I'd go a minnimum of 2 times (4 hours (basketball for most of the time) and on a good week I could go about 4+ times a week. I'm not going to lie I do spend most of my time playing indoor basketball and I do run a lot and do a lot of other things while I keep it fun. Will that help me in trying to get a 6pack? I try to do as much cardio as I can. Im going to start doing 30-40 minute cardios and depends on how much I worked out the day before and do some stomach excersizes on machines. I don't do many sits ups right now but I will when I start to lose more fat. Should I be doing situps now and how many would be a reasonable amount? What should I be eating? I stay away from fried foods as much as I could but sometimes I slip. I gave up most candy something that was a huge problem. I don't eat oatmeal but I might start. I don't drink pop..mostly juice. What do you guys recommend I do? Eat a huge breakfast but like what type and examples of food should I eat? Meats? Carbs? I dont want to give up a lot of stuff because I am growing and I want to be healthy and make sure my body is healthy. Please help me! I want a 6 pack by july/augest! Thats about 3 months. I know I could do it I just need the right guide! Please help me! thanks..