Ok, Im no pro at shaveing or nothing, but I just recently started shaveing and I learned alot. So I'd figured I could make this guide to help any other guys that wanna shave. 1st thing you need to do is decide if you want to just trim your pubs, or completly shave them. My first time shaveing I shaved completly. I got some sissors first and got as much as I could with them, I just leaned over toliet and started cutting, not to big of a mess. I did all the shaveing in the shower, seems like the easist to me. I used a Mach 3 razor, and some regular shaveing cream, but I don't think what kind of shaveing cream matters. A tip for you, do not, I repeat do not use a brand new blade, I would recomend useing one that has been used before so it's a tad bit dull, other wize you gonna be bleeding. Wash your balls first, get all the left over hair out that you cut, then rub them down with shaveing cream. Start above your dick and work your way down, don't press to hard just go slow and be careful. Then shave your balls and below them. Wash all the shaveing cream off and get the places you miss, don't worry about it looking all neat, its your 1st time. When your done shaveing, use some condintior on your balls and where else you shaved, it will make it alot less itchier, you can also use some lotion when you start to itch to, yes the first couple of days your gonna hate it, your balls gonna itch like hell. You may also see lots of red bumps, don't worry, its natural, they will go away its nothing serious. But don't give up on it shaveing, wait a week, you'll love it. The next day you should go back and make sure you shaved everything pretty good, and you can neating things up. After about a week you can let it grow out some and see if you like it just trimed, or you can keep shaveing. Right now I shave about every 2-3 days, I like being shaved, I may let it grow out sometime to see how trimmed feels. Hope this helps people, if not, sorry for wasteing your time. Feel free to IM me on AIM at CardiSweet if you wanna chat or just get advice. Oh yea, after you shaved about a week, it will look real good down there, make look werid at first, but thats just cause your use to lots of hair. So good luck, Holla.