Question 1:Im 15 and I gave my girlfriend oral for my first time ever. I didnt know if i was doing it properly, i asked afterwards if i did it wrong and she said you did fine it was good. But I dont know, she didnt moan at all, or move at all, i thought she would? Im not to sure. So my question..I could not find the clit. I looked around as i was just rubbing, I looked everywhere and i didnt see it. I missed it and i couldnt identify it. And today i played with her for a bit, and rubbed in this spot a little bit,, very little, above the vaginal hole opening, and she was moving, and had a few little moans, so i just kept it there, and went in different motions, she seemed to like it. Is that where the clit is?

Question 2: What is the little "flap" aroudn the vagina area, it goes up and down and its skinnier than the skinniest thing. I dont know what part this is of the vagina area, I knew this was lalways there on women, just dont know what it is. I cant describe it any better than a "flap". What is it?

Question 3: I usually just play with her, because i said Im not ready because im to nervous. Im nervous because im 5.5 inches erect, and that doesnt seem large even tho its average. Thats not to much of the reason. The main reason is because getting erect sometimes, let me rephrase, a girl trying to get you fully erect is not easy for me. When i masterbate its like normal, because i know how to, and i know what feels good. I just feel weird because she has given handjobs to 2 other boys in the way past. I dont know, im just nervous, but i want the pleasure since i give it to her. I love doing it for her if it makes her feel good, ill do anything she wants as long as shes happy. I just want this little problem of mine to go away. Any advice?