I used to have somewhat of an alcohol problem, not exactly a problem I used to drink quite a lot, not because I had to because I enjoyed it. I have cut down quite a bit lately because I want to remain healthy and not gain weight.My dad for instance said he has drank since he was 15. He said he's been drinking 2-3 beers or a couple of glasses of wine a night on average since he's been 21 and he is now 50. Does he have a problem you think? He is an auto mechanic and has been at the same place for 26 years. I do notice that he drinks more on weekends when he goes out with his friends...just curious if he has a problem it could be affecting me too.I have a sort of hard time distinguising between want's and needs with my body. I notice during the day if I'm just sitting around watching T.V. I think to myself "I could sure go for a beer." Or on the weekends when i'm with a bunch of my friends we all really try to get a lot for the entire weekend.Soo...pretty much I used to drink everyday, now I have cut back and only drink on the weekends. When I drink on the weekends it is usually beer, Friday and Saturday nights, and I usually drink anywhere from 6-10 beers in a short period of time. I don't think I'd go as far as 10 beers in a short period of time anymore because all it has resulted in was me getting in a fight and throwing up, so I try to keep it between 6 and 8, anything after 8 I usually get mean and can't remember what has happened.I know the long-term effects of alcohol can take a toll on your body and everything, but do I drink too much? Should I be worried about being addicted and it affecting my life in a bad way? I have worked at FedEx for 2 years and only missed 1 day due to alcohol-related reasons, and that was well over a year ago. I don't really want to stop to be honest, because it is very enjoyable when I drink the right amount, and it makes me feel good and helps me engage in conversation better(although I don't have much problems doing that sober anymore). I don't drink it to impress anyone, I don't drink it because I feel that I have to, because people try to pressure me to smoke weed and do shrooms all of the time and I turn them down no problem at all, because I do not like the effects of marijuana and shrooms.Sorry for the long rant but I am just typing out my thoughts basically.