hi,nobody is taking my depression seriously. i get mood swings, have tried to self harm and often feel incredibly low at times, but all i ever hear are stupid cliches. The doctor i saw just said a bunch of new-age=nicities and fucking psychobabble and gave me a book about art and emotions. FUCK THAT. i can buy a damn book, i dont need a doctor to point that out for me. But im not getting any real help. Ive had counsellers which where no good. I think medication may help but im told i cant have it at my age...im 14 and living in the UK. i dunno, people around me who have things better than i do are getting so much more help without even asking for it. i know having problems isnt a contest, i just dont know why my mental health isnt being taken seriously. what the hell do i have to do? threaten to jump or something? i hate being over-dramatic and i dont want to cause my mom too much stress, which is why i avoid all that crap. maybe if i did id get some real help. i dunno.-AK