I got Trich (which compounded to include a yeastie and BV) from a stupid fling but then was checked out and told that I didn't have anything, after a lot of antibiotics. HOwever my discharge never went away. It has just sort of been in the background for the past 6 or 7 months, with minor itching rarely that doesn't bother me (before i was treated before it was god awful), no redness but mucous like discharge ranging from white, clear, grayish, which is the only thing I'm concerned about because it seems more than normal, and it just started to be a bit heavier, but maybe thats the time in my cylce and its normal? and I dont notice an obvious smell cant say i paid any attention to that stuff until I got something... so not sure I know whats normal .. And since I was cleared by the doctors I havent had sex, so I am just wondering what it could be cause I can't really get to an english speaking doctor for a few months... and if there is any home remedy I could use. I mean what are the odds the tests were wrong, or they didn't test for something, cause I asked them to test for everything?What does normal discharge look like?