I am a sixteen year old female who has had sex. I have a problem becuase I had unprotected sex and I not sure but I think that it caused the problem that I have now. You see I have developed growths along the rim of my vaginal lips. they are not exactly grwoths more like ruffness that I consider to be unnatural. The partners I have hadd sex with did not have any of these things that I am describing. Also, On one side of my vaginal lip I have a growth that is a diffrent color from the rest of my vagina and doesnot look like the picture displayed of herpes or grential warts. On occassions I have itching but not veryoften and very little, more like un uncomfotaable feeling . The guy I am with now is a strong advicator of protection and we use it EVERYTIME but one time we didnt and he was fine but I told him that we cant have sex any more until I find out what is up with me. So I know I needto go to aclinic but when I do is it confidental and do I have to tell my parents. If I have somethings and need medicine do I then have to tell my partents?Also If you can help me to Identify wahat is wrong with me please do. thank you