Although as u may well know i am a regular at my local gym, (although ive slipped a bit lately due to working a night shift and finding time 2 go) i've been having problems with maintaining and gaining weight, im starting to get a little buff now which is nice and im officially starting a new drive to pull myself togeather next week to commit to me.Cardio is fine, ive eased off a little to stop burning off too many calories and will often only do weights when i am there.Had a body test thing, y'know the thing when they put pads on ur feet and hands to get info on how ur body is.All in all im moving in the right direction except for bodyfat.My body fat is 8%, i need to be about 12%, my BMI is also effected scraping 18.5Nicole Richie's BMI is 17.5, im aiming for a BMI of 22 ish.I have been struggling to gain the weight, i admit my diet is crap, i eat bad food like pork chops, burgers, pizza, and will usually have 6 chocolate bars during my breaks at work as well as snack large muffins etc, generally my diet sucks. I only really drink milk.I have a problem with food texture and find healthy food, ie fruit and veg hard to eat.I need to fill out really, you can see it in my face that im underweight and it does damage my confidence.Just need advice on getting this weight on, theres a lot of sites showing how to loose weight but when it comes to gaining weight it can be difficult.Thanks guys!