Hi,I've been reading about genital warts, sebaceous glands, fordyce spots, tyson glands, etc. but I still can't pin- point my issue.About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a white bump on the bottom line of my foreskin and an even smaller one about an inch to the left of that one (right underneath the foreskin). I've tried Desitin, Neosporin, Cortisone 10, Vaseline but nothing changes. It looks white most of the time and it's very noticeable when my penis isn't erect (when the foreskin bunches up it looks like the white bump is "in the way"). When I'm erect it looks like the bump stretches out, but I can still see that it is raised. And right after I masturbate, it looks red and smaller for a little while before returning back to it's whitish color.I have no idea what this is, even after reading all of the information out there and looking at pictures. I'm starting to notice 2-3 red marks right above that now (ON the foreskin) that look raised in a similar manner but aren't white. If it was a genital wart, could it spread that fast (within a day or so, if I rubbed the white bump on the foreskin while masturbating??)The bump isn't itchy, it doesn't hurt and it's not irritated. Also, when I look really, really close it looks like there's the tiniest white bumps inside of it. Most of the time it looks white but it can also look flesh-colored too.Does anybody have ANY idea what this could be?? It hasn't changed at all in the 3 weeks since I first noticed it. I'm very self-aware down there and I know for a fact it wasn't there a month ago!!Thank you very much for your time in reading my post- I appreciate it and hope to hear back soon.