Ok my cousin was trying to hook me up with one of her friends and we started talking online and we talked almost every night. He lives in NC and I live in MI so I went down there last summer to see my cousins and he ended up being at this guys house we all went to. We chatted briefly it was the first time we actually met each other. Then when I got back home we chatted online still but not as much. Then we pretty much stopped. But about 2 weeks ago he just IMed me out of no where and I didn't know why. I asked some people and they said he must have wanted to talk and I don't know why cause we're not that good of friends. Then my cousin asked him if he likes someone from MI she didn't want to come and ask if he likes me and he just laughed she says it was kind of a ha ha none of your business laugh. Now everyone is telling me he must like me, and I really like him. But I'm not sure if he really does and I'm not sure if I should like ask him. I need some advice what would y'all do?