For the past few months, maybe even over a year, my stool hasn't been "normal". It's been a bunch of strange colors like green and yellow. Also, there hasn't been any real form to it. Not exactly diharrhea, but it hasn't been a "log", you know?

Though the past few days I've been having a bit of diharrhea, which I've taken some Pepto for and that helped a bit.

The number of times that I defecate each day is increasing, too. When it used to be once a day, now I sometimes go three times. Not only that, but sometimes I get very sudden urges and if I don't act upon them right away, my stomach gurgles and makes all kinds of noises.

I asked my doctor about this a few months ago and she didn't think that it was anything too much to worry about, but if it were to continue or get worse, she would set me up with an appointment for this kind of doctor (I forget the title).

Do you think I should do this? I think so.