Alright, my home gym (it's a good free weight set up, no machines) is due to arrive in about two weeks, and I was wondering if there's anything I can do beforehand to prepare myself.I'm very skinny, so cardio doesn't seem like it'd do much. Although if there are other reasons for it other than losing fat, I'd do it. Also, since I'm basically back at square one in my lifting routine, I'm wondering when the set does arrive, should I start out differently? I'm tempted to jump straight into my 3 set, 6 rep routine (using lower weights than what I used to of course), but I've heard that when starting out it's best to do high reps, at least for the first two weeks or so.Also, on foods, how bad are canned, frozen and packaged food? I mean, are frozen peas so much worse than fresh? Are canned beans bad? What of canned soup? I'm more than happy to make a trip to the shop each day for fresh foods, I'm just not very good at preparing or cooking them. Any healthy shortcuts would be appriciated.Since my gym will now be at home, I can workout whenever I choose, before I goto bed, or even just when I wake up. Does it make any difference?Again, because my gym will be at home, I can have any source of food or drink with me. What foods, suppliments should I take advanage of? I mean, will a powershake with milk, eggs, whey protein, creatine and whatever else during my workout, or directly after help much more than a standard water and whey shake (which is what I used to take straight after)? Another "myth" I heard through around a lot is that protein powder should always be mixed with water, not milk. Is this true?I've heard many good and bad things about gatorade too. When should I drink this if I wanted to get the most out of it? Also, I've heard it should drank with your creatine, is this another myth?Sorry for the random ramble of questions. I'm really pumped to recieve this gym and want to do it properly this time. Thanks for any advice!