I have had a gambling addiction since the beginning of this year. I lost over $8,000 over online poker and I can't stop playing. Right now I am at the point where I just play for $50 at a time but the money starts adding up slowly. In the beginning I was bad, playing over hundreds of dollars, winning in the thousands and then losing it all. I can't stop playing and I play til I lose and then I add more money on my account. Recently I was on vacation and went to the casinos for the first time and started playing poker in the poker rooms at the Hotel I was at. I was there all night starting with $500 making my way up to $3000 and then playing in larger pot games and losing it all. I can't stop...mind you I am $10,000 in credit card debt and owe $20,000 on my car payment plus rent, plus groceries and food... Also I'm only 21.Help.