Okay I have had relationships with about 4 other men in my life. I am now engaged to my fiance we have had Anal sex about 4 or 5 times. The first 4 times he loved it but the last time he couldn't cum, he also came about 5 minutes ago though. What my question is, is that what can I do to make it feel good. I want to know from both men and women and from their experience what worked for them. We have tried vaseline, then KY warming gel, I always go # 2 before we do it, but I still feel like I have to take a shit, when he first puts it in there is a little pain but then doesn't hurt anymore and I do like it somewhat because it really gets him going and makes him talk dirty and moan. Which what woman wouldn't love to her their man moan? Please any insight would be greatful. Anyone who thinks this is disgusting has their opinion but I don't care to hear it, we use condoms and I do it because I love to pleasure my fiance. Thanks!