I was always a chubby kid, growing up I put no emphasis on health or fitness, and so the weight just seemed to keep piling on. I was never morbidly obsese, but my parents knew, and I knew that I was on the path to health problems. Of course being a 10 year old, I didn't much care, I was more than happy to just sit on the couch and play video games, eat mcdonalds, and raid the oreo coockie jar. That's what kids do right? Yes, but kids also get out and run, play, build forts, climb trees, and play little league. I did none of this, instead I sat on my constantly growing ass, and did nothing.Last year (my junior year in high school) I was starting to take notice of exactly how far I had let myself go. You just can't hope to attract girls looking like a beached whale, but I just didn't have the self descipline to make anything happen. Previous summers I had tried to lose the weight, but I had always gevin up before any progress could be made, it was last summer that I finally decided I was going to commit myself, and I did. I lost around 35 pounds, bringing me down to around 165 lb's, I when't from a size 36 mens, to a size 32. And this is how....1) Self discipline- Without this, you will never accomplish anything, you have to force yourself to work through the pain, and the temptation. You have to want the results, and you need to strive for those results. My weight loss was done without outside aid, only myself, so it was especially hard to keep myself motivated. Every time you go out to eat you need to select the healthy foods even if you don't want to. Keep thinking about your goal, and simply do what you have to do. Think of it as a competition, you want to win right? And your prize is a whole new healthier life (and girls, super hot girls ). 2. Watch what you eat- You've heard it before, what you put into your body is what you get out of your body. And this is true. You don't need a radical diet to lose weight, you just need to cut your portions and try to make sure that the bulk of what you eat is lean healthy food. Things like sodas, french fries, and patatoe chips are unecessary calories, that will only slow you down and drag you away from your goal. Learn to replace these foods with a healthier alternative. A baked patatoe instead of french fries is a good start, and water instead of sodas is an even better one. Stay away from fast food as much as possible, I have not had a single meal from mcdonalds all summer, and guesse what? I thinned out, now I'm not saying mcdonalds was my problem, however it was a contributer and by cutting my ties with that wretched place, I put myself even closer to the prize. Here is a list of some things I gave up, and some things I didn't..... Things I gave up 1. French fries- for the most part I gave these up, I have a few every once and a while, but I usually just eat the burger and give the fries to someone else. 2. Soda- soda has absolutely no saving grace other than the fact that it does contain water. However due to the corn syrup, sodium, and other additives, it will not replinish your thirst but will however do the opposite. Stay away from soda as best you can, it's evil. 3. Deep fried foods- Why get your shrimp or fish fried, grilled tastes so much better, and is a hell of alot better for you. I would suggest you invest in a grill if you don't have one, hell a george forman is better than nothing. 4. Snacks- Ok I admit I have some snacks every often, but in moderation it's "ok". For the most part though, you should stay away from snacks, you don't need them, and remember they are standing between you and your prize, just throw them out, once they are in the garbage do you think you'll want to eat them? Nah. 5. Candy and sweets- so candy and sweets are good, but they are not good for you. A candybar every once in a while is ok, but eating a zebra cake everyday is not going to help you reach your goals anytime soon. 6. seconds- Don't go back for seconds, one plate of food is enough, if you don't feel full, just wait awhile, it may take a little bit for the food to digest into your system. Things I do eat 1. Fruits and vegetables- Always eat your salad, it's a great source of vitamens. However if you think you can just dump a pound of ranch on it, your mistaken, you should add only enough salad dressing to add a little flavor, any more and your just adding fat to a healthy meal. Fruits are a great replacement for sweets, instead of buying a bag of candy, buy a bag of grapes, they are great snacks! 2. Seafood- I could go on and on about how good seafood is, but it's also good for you! Grilled salmon is my favorite, and is very healthy. Seafood is extremely low in fat, and has important vitamens and minerals. However this only holds true if you grill it, fried fish or shrimp loses much of it's health benefits under that coat of bread and greese. 3. Water- If you gave up water, you would die! Drink it any chance you get! 4. Fruit juice- I know, I know, it's bottled suger, it's bad for you, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I like it, and it's a decent source of vitamens. But if your going to drink it, make sure it is 100% real juice, and not just artificially flavored suger water. 5. Beer- I'm not even legaly supposed to drink it, but I do every once and a while. Yes it is bad for you in high quantities, and is dangerous, but a beer every once and a while really isn't that bad for you. It does have some vitamens in it, and a little protein. However I do not advocate you drinking more than one beer, after that your not only practicing unhealthy habits, but your putting yourself in danger.( I really don't suggest you drink alcohol at all, but I decided to list it because I did consume it during my weight loss program) 4. Beef- Beef isn't bad for you, it's a good source of protein, and is easy to find and grill. Remember moderation is the key. 6. Carbs- Don't cut carbs out of your diet, in moderation they are fine, and can actually be good for you. Exercise I am not going to list a specific exercise routine, because I didn't really follow one. Over the summer I just made sure that I did something physically active every day, that coupled with my slight diet was enough to jump start my metabolism and help my shed the weight. You don't need to have a strict gym schedule to lose weight, you just need to make sure that you get outside and do something physical every day. Lifting weights is also a great idea, because the more muscle you build, the faster your body will burn calories. So just make sure you do atleast a little weight training, whether ot not that means going to the gym, or simply doing push ups at home, just make sure you make it a point to build a little muscle mass.My usuall schedule comprised of a light 10=20 minute jog, followed by a 2 miles on the exercise bike, and around 60 pushups and pullups. Well thats all for now, I'll update this with anything I remember. Good luck!