Alright about 1 week ago today I noticed 2 small bumps right next to eachother on the underside of my penis. I'm not sure if they were there before that or not. Anyways, they've been there for a week now and they havent gotten bigger or smaller and they are flesh colored. I'm not experiencing any pain, I probably wouldnt even notice if i hadnt looked closely. But I'm really worried about what it could be because their not pimples or anything their kind of soft and have no fluid in them it seems. I've had some pimples (for lack of a better term) on my thighs for the past few weeks but those dont bother me. what i really want to know is if the 2 bumps could be herpes. how long would herpes blisters take before they burst or whatever it is they do? ive recieved oral sex from 2 girls about 3 months ago thats the last sexual activity ive had. im freaking out and im really scared to see a doctor.