Hi,long story short.I attended a... ahem.. 'party' at the beginning of august. Had sex with 5 or 6 women but always with protection. However, the oral sex was without a condom.Around 3 weeks later i had some red blotches on the head of my penis. I have had a yeast infection before and i passed it off as that and used a cream.It seemed to gradually clear up but the glans head of my penis at varying times seemed to have what i can only describe as lots and lots of tiny red pimples all over the head no larger than a ball point pen head (nothing on shaft or scrotum) that seemed to sometimes be there and sometimes not.Just recently i have had this combined with the red blotches/spots again.It is itchy on and off, but i've not had any burning sensations or discharge and the red spots/blotches don't seem to blister.I should also add that during the last few months i've had a bad time(which i wont go into) and during this time my personal hygiene has not been what it should.Any ideas?