Okay, first of all, im a virgin. Now, my problem is that Im dying to have sex, everyone thinks im not a virgin(they just think that) and when I told my recent boyfriend that I was a virgin, not only was he surprised, but he didnt do anything with me. We went out for like 3 months, and We never even made out, which is uber lame. but since then, I havnt been feeling anything towards men. For some reason, they just seem discusting, and I dont know why. Its nobody in general, just the gender. And so Im bisexual and have been since I was 14(Im almost 17 now), but now I think Im going full lesbian, I want to go lesbian, but If I do, Ill be a virgin.. for like.. forever. haha. And that just plain sucks. So, Im not sure what I should do!!Hellpppp!!!