Ok I usialy post on another username on this site and would prefere it if you know who my usial username is that you wouldnt mention it as its very recognisable for people who know me including my gf and I if for some bizzare reason she saw this site and read this I wouldnt want her to know it was me.Ok well my problem is I have been with my GF for quite a while, I love her but lately things have been going a bit off I feel. She isnt as attractive to me as she was when we started dating. She pulls me down allot as she gets really depressed allot and keeps bad mouthing herself saying shes fat and ugly etc even tho I tell her she isnt. It makes seeing her less fun, when shes in a good mood things are fun but she has days where she is a complete bitch to me and is really depresive, those days all that was good was the sex. Now she is on new anti depressants that lower her sex drive so sex isnt even that great anymore. I wish she could just be the happy nice girlfriend I first dated all the time but lately she is turning more and more into this mean depressive girl.We dont have allot in common either and allot of things she wants to do with her life just seem stupid to me and imature. Though she is 3 years younger than me so I cant really expect her to be extremely mature as she still has a bit to learn about life. I give her advice to help her but she doesnt listen to it even though I have been in the same position in my life. I still love her but she drags me down allot and I dont need that in this difficult time in my life. I try so hard to make her happy and make an effort to compliment her so maybe she feels better about herself but she still says she ugly and fat, and to be honest when she puts herself down it anoys me. Thats my dilema really, I love her but I feel I am starting to not love her like I used to, my feelings are mixed because of how she changes when her mood does.I dont want to break up with her because I dont want to be alone again. I dont know where this relationship is going and if things are going to get better or if they are going to just stay how they are. I guess I kind of just hope they will get better and just stick with it allot. I dont know if I did break up with her if I would think I made a mistake after. Shes the first long term relationship I have had and the girl I lost my virginity to. I know I would get another girlfriend, probrably after a very long time though. I just dont know what I should do, she loves me ALLOT, I dont want to drag her allong so she feels even stronger for me so it hurts her even more if we break up. Im worried about if I broke up with her if she would kill herelf or harm herself, im worried about her taking drugs and getting messed up if we did or dating some ass hole. Im so confused and scared, she is coming over on the weekend and I am going to see how things go but I could do with some advice before then.Its just such a weird feeling because I love her but I just dont think I want to be with her that much anymore and just want to find somone who can make me happy.