Hey everyone Im kind of in a dilemma hereOk so back in may of last year I began losing weight at an accelerated rate, alot due to depression. I ended up losing about 35-40 lbs by august. I was down from 205-165ish. I recovered from my depression and was doing good, eating healthy and such and was liking were i was at physcially, now iv'e recently gone vegetarian within the last few months and im losing more weight, which i don't want, i just want to maintain a good weight of about 165-170, and now im at 150. I don't want to get fat like i was again but I don't want to be a skinny little twig either, does anybody have and good suggestions, and/or eating regimens that you think would be good for me? Im 6'1 and 18 years old if that helps.