I recently was diagnosed with epididimytis after have protected sex (however, i was drunk and don't recall if the condom may have come off). Anyway, I never told the Dr. about this and they didn't check for STD's. Later I got concerned because chlamydia and gonnoreha and trich cause epididimyits. Anxiety to high, I thought I started noticing discharge, some pain in urethra. Checked for Chlamyidia and gonnorreha three times with negative results. Was told can't really check men for trich, I am married (yes it was an afair stupid me) wife was also checked for both and I think trich with negative results. I still feel pain in the urethra periodically and felt an itching in the meatus of penis once the other day when I was driving.They say trich is hard to detect even in women so I am wondering if they missed it in my wife. And no I did not tell her of the affair and she is not experiencing any symptoms.Does anyone know from experience and can you explain what the itching or pain in men feels like from an STD? How do I know if I have Trich or some other ureaplasma? Thank you.