ok heres my story, ill TRY to keep it as short as i can.. i know a guy who i have known since i was 3 yrs old, we grew up together, he left the school i went to for a few years and became homeschooled, then came back (i found out later that he came back for two ppl.. me and his guy friend) i was dating another guy though and then a year later we broke up and the new guy and i started dating, we dated 6 months and then he got a job in china(loong story) that would last a year. i fell completely in love with him during the six months we were together *(plus i already knew him well before hand) and now hes been gone in china for about 8 months .. i miss him so much and i still love him as much if not more then the day he left. the prob is, how do i know when holding on is pointless, we have had fights on the phone about how i should just move on and then the next time we talk and i mention a new guy, he says things like.. why do u do this/you were my girl/ yada yada.. u get the point. so im still left danglin, having no clue what will happen when he gets home. and its honestly scary. what would yall do in this situation